That is 90% of my troubles


Looking for advice, I have a 05 r1 and have troubles getting it up. Common male problem I know. Anyways my bike is lowered 2" and feel like that is 90% of my troubles. I guess my question is at what speed in 1st gear do you guys usually go to clutch up? I'm trying 20-28mph and doesnt seem to have enough umph or sometimes too much and just spins the tire.

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  1. It’s on a adjustable lowering link and I’m probably just going to raise it back to stock height and see if that solves my issue

  2. Can you at least do a power wheelie

  3. Try second for power wheelie, and it’s usually arou d 6- 8000 depending on bike I suppose

  4. 1st . Pull the Cunt up in 3rd like a real man

  5. 1st your gonna hurt yourself , 3rd all day itll be sketchy at first but the faster you go itll be smoother

  6. If you can’t wheelie a R1 in first gear u need to get a pewee 50 and practice wheelies on that. Truth.

  7. Drop one tooth on the front sprocket and clutch up second gear. First gear comes up too fast.

  8. Does anyone commenting have a lowered bike? Or are you making these comments with your stock height bikes. I bought the bike lowered and love being able to touch the ground but have considered raising it multiple times just haven’t yet haha

  9. I just got this last week. Its also lowered 2 inches. Not stretched. Not really the best tires and running near boston so its cold up here at night. Clutched up no issues 1st and 2nd. Once im more used to the bike ill start trying higher gears.

  10. My bike is stock hight I believe but i can pop it up in first no problem . If you can’t do first gears you probs shouldn’t wheelie

  11. My 06 r1 stock height I can first gear clutch ups with minimal throttle at around 50km

  12. About 6.5-7 rpms in 2nd ud83dude1c get ready for take off

  13. Guys that can’t get an r1 to lift should buy a cafe racer bobber or summet

  14. Or maybe let your boyfriend show you how to do it on his piaggio zip 50

  15. -1 sprocket on the front

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