Do the 09-14 r1s have a loud knock/tick at first start up?


Do the 09-14 r1s have a loud knock/tick at first start up? Looked at one and started it up and coming from right lower side maube just a cct? Only for like 4 seconds then everything sounds fine

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  1. Cam chain tensioner

  2. Yes. Mine does and it’s the cct. I ordered a manual one.

  3. Every Yamaha does lol

  4. Yamahas are noisy bro.

  5. I think there was a problem with the fitted cct as they have now changed part. I had to get 1 last week ud83dude2d

  6. Yeah man I got a 18 with about 1800 miles on it and has done it from day one.

  7. Mine was like that made this noise on start up. It was the cct and I just changed it to a manual graves one. Doesn’t make that noise anymore.

  8. Neither my 12 or 13 R1 did what you describe but both had lots of cct-related ticking.

  9. I replaced it with original and its fine now

  10. This is not how it shoult be.. every time chain tuch a little bit of metal and this is no good on long term.

  11. Cct. Change it.

  12. Just normal in those years, I use to worry about it, did a lot of Klm but never changed never caused trouble

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