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I found a couple sources of information about alternative oil filters I’d like to share. I changed the oil in my 87 cbr 1000f Hurricane and decided a longer filter would be easier to reach so I did some searching and found out a Mazda Miata filter works great. More filter area and easier to unscrew bare handed. Here is a link . Oh and I’m impressed with the Shell Rotella T6 oil also.

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  1. bigger filter means less oil in your motor !! id rather stick with the oem filter and purchase the correct tools to remove the filter

    • Alot of filters like the k&n 204 have a anti drain back valve to keep oil in the filter so engine does not starve for oil on start up and is one of a few reasons to use a filter that is designed for your particular application.

  2. Just remember that you engine was engineered to run a certain amount of oil at a certain pressure and temp. Using a larger capacity filter can affect the ability of the pump to push oil through a larger capacity filter. – Usually this isn’t a huge deal as the difference in volume is pretty negligible, but the filter itself may vary in restriction, which can affect the performance of the engine oiling system. No one wants to find out that they wrecked their high revving engine for the sake of a 10 dollar oil filter.

  3. A larger filter area at the same driven pressure will flow a higher volume . The filter I chose is stock for a 1994 Mazda MX-3, V-6 Engine displacing 1598 cc . I’m pretty sure my in line 4 cylinder displacing a little less than 1000 cc will have all the oil available it needs at any rpm and coupled with the synthetic T6 oil means less oil changes and more miles ridden.

    • You do have to factor in flow restriction due to mechanical design and material, but given that the difference ‘should’ be negligible, a quick oil pressure test at high rpm will immediately show any potential issues.

    • Because of the increased area of the filter paper the available volume at any rpm and pressure will increase . Plus the needed power to push the oil through the filter will decrease resulting in less fuel needed or more horses available to push the bike, probably both at midrange rpm . it’s all a win .

  4. And I can reach the damn thing better as well as a little more oil volume and filter case area in the wind to help cool some.

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