Upgrading stock tank on my 500exc


I’m upgrading my stock tank on my 2016 500exc to the KTM power parts 3.1 gallon tank(Acerbis). My issue is that the aftermarket tank is thinner and the original 17mm bolt at the bottom of the tank doesn’t tighten up as you can see in the picture. I don’t see a thinner nut listed in the parts Fische. Do you use one from a different year? Also what about going to the 90* spigot for the straight down one.

Thanks for any help.

Upgrading stock tank on my 500exc

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  1. I believe IMS has a bolt kit or maybee at least the ktm part numbers you need for the shorter shoulder fittings. I think they are from a SX

  2. My acerbis tank came with a different fuel drain plug bolt. I got a 90 degree fitting from bestduallsports.com in their fuel kit.im sure taco sells them too.

  3. For the 90 degree fitting get the one off the 2017 350 exc. You just need the fitting and the bolt and get another oring from the hardware store. Dont wast your money on a aftermarket one.

  4. You just need 5 and 13

  5. Buy SX nuts those tanks are thinner, that’s what I had to do

  6. Go to cyclebuy.com and they show you the proper ktm thin walled part number if you go to Gas Tanks.

    Or the best dual sport one is good

    Or slavens mule has one similar to BDSB (above).

    You don’t want to hack it with washers! Just get the right pieces. Ez

  7. Just had the exact same problem…O rings laying around the garage is what I used. All good!

  8. When I bought my acerbic tank, it came with the thinner ones.

  9. Taco Moto sells the spigot in the different thickness

    The nut you can get from KTM

    this is the cheapest way to do it

  10. Mark Astorga .ight have an answer

  11. Fuel pump nut, KTM P/N 78107088014
    Fuel connector, KTM P/N 78107088017

  12. Got this coming.

  13. Funny, I’m currently installing
    An IMS tank on my 21 500. The instructions said I had to buy these two parts, my local dealer miraculously had them in stock. I also like the idea of having simple hose clamps so I can drain fuel easily.

  14. I just cut mine down .250

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