ZX6R Not Getting Any Power


Need some mechanical help. 2012 zx6r NOT getting any power. Let the bike sitting for 2 weeks, ran fine before now nothing. Charged the battery, checked fuses, everything seems fine. Only thing that may be what caused the issue, was that I took apart my ignition switch before I left it sitting, but even then the bike ran fine without it. I attached a pic of the switch which is a bit corroded. Anyone know where I should start?

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Answers ( 6 )

  1. Resistor or broken wire

  2. Moisture on bare wires does wonders

  3. Spray your side stand switch mine caused loads of probs, lose of power/rough starting etc

  4. Get some electrical cleaner and spray all your conectors and electrical plugs. Everything start there and just try to start after you clean each one

  5. What’s it doing when you try and start? Or you turn key and nothing happens? Replace that resistor in the middle it could have got burnt.

  6. U checked ur starter relay??? Or the kill switch above ur luah start button

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