ZForce 1000 Top Speed


Question for the 1000 owners…whats the top speed you all are getting?
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  1. Zforce 800 side by side 96

  2. But an upgrade on muffler and computer can give you a bit more

  3. have you had any issues with yours? and how long have you had your 800?

  4. The only thing I would suggest is not to get the full windshield get the half u get the best of both workds

  5. 70 with 2 adults and there was little left in it. Ive hit 74 one adult , honestly not sure how much faster it will go. I was nervous at that speed in a narrow trail model. I was in a bad car accident 17 months ago and im still a little skidish lol. Mine 800 50 inch

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