Is this something anyone else has had happen?


Hi y’all, I’ve got a question. I have a 2017 Zforce 800, hasn’t been really run since September/October. I took it out of the garage today for a quick run around the block and for the first time ever I had it jerking at idle, then eventually stalled out a few times at idle. Is this something anyone else has had happen?

In hindsight I probably should have put some fuel stabilizer in it. But I didn’t anticipate it would be sitting for a few months.

Anyone have some thoughts?? Thanks!

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  1. Sounds like bad gas. This ethanol stuff separates pretty quickly. Fresh fuel should be good to go

  2. Only run ethanol free gas in mine

  3. What is ‘jerking’ at idle? Do you mean it is tugging at motion as though to move the machine? What is the idle RPM in neutral when you switch the display to tachometer? Does it grind at all at idle when you put it into a gear, or always go in smoothly? \nEngaging at idle and stalling when put into gear suggests a wet clutch issue, not fuel related stuff.

  4. Water or something in the fuel.

  5. Drain it. Put fresh premium gas in it. Should be fine.

  6. Sorry, just a tack on question. What spark plugs do y’all use?

  7. We are ready to rock now, thanks to all yalls help!

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