What are your feelings on the Crosfire 3 boot?


Guys I am looking at getting some new boots as my current boots are starting to show their age . Now the question is do I stick with the SG12 boots that I have been using for the last 3 to 4 years o5 do I give the Sidi Crossfire 3 a go? What do you guys out their use and what are your feelings on the Crosfire 3 boot.
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  1. Sidi Crossfire all the way!

  2. Get what you like. They both good.

  3. Sidi Crossfire2 srs no different to to the sidi Crossfire 3 except ankle bit and the sole and price👌👌and a much lighter boot than the SG12’s

    Sidi Crossfire2

  4. Sidis are the best and most comfortable boots i have ever ridden with .

  5. SG12 I find have more protection. Sidi has more flex than I like. I do have two screws in one of my ankles so are picky about what I wear.

  6. Alpine star tech 8 or 10.

  7. Forma Predators. Very comfortable and great protection. Google forma and Gaerne dogfight.

  8. SIDI’s 2 SRS Boots are great – however they are narrow , try them on… if your foot fits the width get’em they are really the best….Alpine star tech 10 is a really good boot also

  9. I have Sidi’s and they were comfortable right out of the box

  10. Had sg12 then got sidi 2 srs. Didn’t like them and sold them and went back to sg12. Sidis feel cheap compared to sg12

  11. Crossfire were good but i caught a few sticks in the hinges and ruined them. I also have wide feet so not a perfect fit like the Fox boots i have now.
    Like anything riding gear such as helmets get what fits comfortably with the best protection for your purpose.

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