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Hi! I’m going to buy the XTrainer soon, I have a doubt, can anyone tell me the top speed in open tracks and Road transfers? Thank You!

XTrainer Top Speed

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  1. 75miles per hour

  2. Depends on your gearing and what type of sport you buy it for.
    I only ride technical rocky terrain so I get 75km as top speed. But you can change sprockets to have much faster speed (although I don’t think you’re buying the right bike if you’re after speed)

  3. I’ve seen 115km/h on mine. Pretty sure it’s running 13/51 sprockets. I wouldn’t want to be doing that for too long though

  4. I have an Xtrainer and love it. In my opinion it’s one of the best single track bikes out there. If you plan on doing open tracks and high speed riding then this is definitely not the bike I would get for that. The suspension is really soft above like 20 mph. Just my 2 cents.

  5. 126kmh on its own speedo

  6. Got mine up to 78 in the altitude in Colorado on a decent straight away. I had throttle left but was too big of a weenie to try it

  7. About 75mph is pegged out but you can do 55 for longer. It’s the vibration from the unbalanced 300cc engine that will make your hands and feet tingle if you go to long

  8. My boyfriend (definitely not me ) clocked 120km/h but I comfortably sit on 75-80 on fire roads

  9. The suspension quits before the engine does. On a gravel road it gets pretty squirrelly above 45 mph.

  10. This bike is about control, not speed. I go 90kmh when I have to but my old Ktm 450 was much happier and smoother going that fast. And it’s a two stroke so the vibration at that speed will tire your hands.

  11. Yep – that’s the question. Speed-wise it can go very fast. Its superb maneuverability in lower speeds is incarnated to instability at higher speeds. It’s a trade off, and you have to choose what’s preferred to you.

  12. How big are your testicals????
    Top speed comes down this….

  13. Spend a bit more and buy a Husqvarna, you won’t regret it, I’ve just got rid of mine, wasn’t as good as I’d hoped, husky are so much better

  14. Thanks for all your comments, they are helpful. I know it is not about top speed in this bike, but where I live here in Spain I have to do some roads and open tracks to get into the trials. I guess that having automatic oil injection will do them properly in all scenarios and cooling fan will take care about temperature. 120km/h is enough. Thanks!

  15. If that is what you need to do, then the x-trainer is not your bike-of-choice. You need a full size Enduro. Get the RR.

  16. I have done 68mph on mine

  17. I have done repeatedly 75mph+ on my XT. It could go more – but – like a previous poster said: it’s all about the high vibrations and your balls … ud83dude03 – also once on a 130 mile trail ride the rear brake banjo bolt came loose after some high speed on connecting roads. Rode 40 miles without rear brake – eeh,don’t use it that much anyway …

  18. I did too. The question is not whether the bike can reach this speed. Of course it can. The question is whether this is safe, sustainable and desired.

  19. Top end is definitely not what this bike is about.

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