Beta X Trainer Cheap Forks with Dual Chamber


Hey guys. Can somebody tell me how to easy and cheap fit some another forks with dual chamber, and back shock with minimum of modifications. I find one boano 48mm forks set dedicated to xtrainer made by sachs, fit with wheel, brake etc, triple clamp included wit set, but it costs 1190€. So my question is how to do it cheapest way, to get off fabrics suspenion, and put something what can give real feel of enduro bike. Thanks Folks! 😉

Beta X Trainer Cheap Forks with Dual Chamber

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  1. you might find something easy to fit, and maybe something cheap, but you wont find something that is both. spend the money on the boano kit it will transform the bike. every other compromise is exactly that. dont cut the corners, save up and do it properly and you will be very happy.

  2. Those forks and the ohlins shock

  3. I got the boano forks and ohlins shock on mine but honestly whilst the Sachs forks are ok they are not on par with a decent set of kayabas or wp

  4. it’s the best and cheapest way to modify front suspension way by choosing boano kit!

  5. Im really interested in this Boano / Andreani cartridge as I want to keep the 43mm set up. Also cheaper than the whole fork replacement.

    Has anyone tried this?

  6. Eine 45er Marzocchi passt fast. Nur untere Gabelbru00fccke etwas ausfru00e4sen und die Radlager wechseln. Siehe

  7. I read somewhere that the old Beta 45mm forks from ’14 and before, swap straight only having to modify the triple clamps, or fitting new ones. Everything else bolts up, brake, caliper, wheel etc..

  8. 45 mm Marzocchi open chambers off an earlier Gas Gas 250 with clamps. Should cost 500 to 700. Press in Beta stem. You do have to make or modify the axle spacers. Add a Fox shock and you’re done

  9. Those black shocks tho! Sexy!

  10. Boano racing shocks, with a custom built Lanier rear shock

  11. Marzocchi 45 OC from a Gasgas shortened 30mm and diameter reduced (turned) 1mm at the position of the lower clamp (original Xtrainer)
    afterwards eloxed again.

  12. 45mm Marzocchi with stock Xtrainer triple clamps

  13. You can swap just about any fork given you have the ability, and means. If you have a machinist on hand this makes things much easier.

    What you need is:
    – The forks you want
    – Triples to accept said forks
    – Wheel spacers
    – Brake hanger
    – Ability to shorten fork stroke to OEM XT length

    After you obtain all these pieces you then need to consider total wheel offset and how it effects handling. Along with fork valving/springs. Just because you swap a superior designed fork onto your bike does not mean it is ideal. You will get major benefits from proper springs and valving to suit the individual rider.

    Any fork you buy, whether its A kit factory stuff or something off another bike, is still setup for a generic rider determined by the factory. Even then it does not mean they setup for the generic rider very well or implemented good tuning practice/theory.

    Feel free to shoot my page a message or myself an email if you have any questions. Always happy to help.


  14. 2000-2002 wo 43 mm open chamber fit right on

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