Windshield and mount for a 2016 classic?


GF just got a new bike👍 Question, where's the best place to get windshield and mount for a 2016 classic? Thank you in advance for your help!

Windshield and mount for a 2016 classic?

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  1. I have a windshield off a 2008 1600 nomad $125 has sheld mounts no other mounts

  2. Check out Memphis shades. Different styles, I use the hellcat in gradient black

  3. If you don’t go with an OEM one, I would look at Memphis Shades next.

  4. Memphis Shades Pop Top sport shield w/ trigger lock mounting. This is what they call ‘Solar" tint.

  5. Memphis Shades! Either royal distributing, or kijiji. I found mine on kijiji for $100. With quick release brackets!

  6. Dan Irwin, did you get the 9 or 7" cut out size on windshield?

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