2003 1600 Classic


Picked up my 03 1600 classic today. My first Kawasaki since an 81 KZ650CSR…. I have to say I like it… Still needs apes and pipes though…. Any Kawasaki parts sites around?

2003 1600 Classic

2003 1600 Classic

2003 1600 Classic

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  1. You picked a damn good bike!

  2. There is a Kawasaki Vulcan Buy, Sell, Trade group here on Face Book along with several other Vulcan groups.

  3. Hey David make sure you check and sign up on the VRA Forum…Plus you can get any question answered also. http://www.vulcanriders.us.

  4. Facebook.com/vulcan1600scoots

  5. Bike bandit is a good supplier

  6. Love my 03 1600 Classic. I added 2" rise to bar mounts. Perfect

  7. I have the V&H long shots with no baffles on my 03 1500 and it sounds like a beast. Sounds better than my buddy’s sportster 1200.

  8. Here are four great links / resources for Vulcans….1- an (online) service manual. 2- THE Vulcan Fix-it site! 3- Parts/Accessories 4- Kawai recall page (enter your vin and see if any recalls need repair)





  9. Since all you fine people are commenting. Do any of you happen to know the diameter of the 03 1600 classic head pipes?

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