2006 Road King 88


Alright, now that the V-rod is totalled, it’s time to go shopping.

I just got back from my test drive on a 2006 Road King 88 and I’ve got to say, I was more than a little disappointed with the performance.

Now I know the v-rod was kind of it’s own niche, but I topped out the road king at 85 mph, but I could do that in second gear on the v-rod so it leaves much to be desired.

I leaned towards a cruiser to overcome the lack of storage and have a little more comfort for long rides, and seating for two was a plus, but if l’m loaded down with gear, plus my ol’ lady, I just don’t see it having the power.

What cruiser would compare with v-rod performance without sacrificing storage, comfort, and and additional rider?

2006 Road King 88

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  1. Are you looking for new or used

  2. Honestly I went to a 08 Fatboy with the 6 speed, she rips, anything with 5 seems like it doesn’t wanna push past 80 without screaming, my opinion

  3. Nothing lol unless you get a bike and do the motor work and suspension work. Two completely different bikes

  4. I got a 19 so it can cruise easily and comfortably at 90 but it’s also a 107

  5. Indian Chieftain! Love mine traded my Ultra for it. The Chieftain has sport standard and touring mode.

  6. Did u try the harley fxdr? That’s where the vrod engine went.

  7. Ive had my 88 at110 and cruising at 90, Dyno Tuned u270a

  8. I have an 18 heritage and love it but I would go for the 114

  9. I had a 2007 Yamaha 1700cc Roadstar before this 2009 Electra glide Classic ,if I could have my Yamaha back I would

  10. I have built several touring bike motors on that chassis that out run v-rods if you couldn’t get a stock road king over 85mph then something is wrong with that bike. My bike is a 04 ultra that is now a street glide with a 95 kit and my cousins brand new road glide can’t keep up with me and he has a limiter that’s stops the bike at 98mph i can still rev out 5th 110+

  11. My 01 Ultra would hit 100 with no problem but it was wound up. My 08 Fatboy is set up for the highway (windshield, Electra glide bags, touring seat, stereo and a trunk when I want to put it on) runs a lot faster than I want to go. We have some serious mountains out here and even loaded down with all my gear it doesn’t even work hard. Touring bikes aren’t built to perform like a v-rod. Different animals.

  12. I have a Dyna supper glide C.V.O powered by a stage 2 screaming eagle engine Vance and Hines exhaust big shot fuel injection stage 3 camshafts and clutches and 100 mph is no problem. 85 is a sweet spot for cruising speed

  13. Yamaha, Raider is a 1900cc powerhouse give one a spin.

  14. Find another v rod

  15. Like Stan the man says try out that Yamaha Raider

  16. I ride a Street Glide and at 85 it just starts getting happy

  17. No problem cruising 100 on my street glide going to Sturgis

  18. My 103 heritage cruises nicely at 80-85 on the regular. I usually don’t shift into 6th till about 75. You’re not gonna do 120 on a stock Harley but 105-110 isn’t out of the question.

  19. Street Glide or Road Glide with the M8 107 or 114.

  20. Raider 1900cc is ultimate imo. And belt drive. VTX 1800cc. My 1300 stage 2 looooves cruising at 85-90 with plenty left. The 1800 is mostly low end power/torque. It’ll do 85, but close to winding out. These are shaft driven though. Not everyone likes them. A lot of guys will take the drive out of the 1300 and put it in the 1800 for the top end gearing. Plus they are reliable as hell. I’ve ridden the new heritage 114′. Great power to weight, but too small of a bike for me. I rode the ultra with the 114′ and it was too much weight for the stock power. If you want to go HD, find an FLHXS Road King with the 107′ and stage 2 it ud83dude09

  21. My vtx 1800 has a couple upgrades but will do 130mph with me and my girl on back, ALL DAY


  23. My 2014 cheiftain topped at 115 -225 mpg with me and my wife and a tour pack strapped on back belive it or not I still have marks where my wife squeezed hard ahahahahah

  24. My 2018 ROADMASTER dosent run quite as fast or as quick of course it weighs almost 1000lbs loaded

  25. My RK cruises at 95 for hours at a time… make sure the transmission is a 6 speed

  26. Try a Vmax if you want a thrill. 200hp

  27. 2000 Ultra Standard with 88 I’m running 85 in 3rd will cruise all day long at 115 loaded

  28. The Road King should not have topped off at 85! I believe it has a 5 speed so maybe that’s part of the problem?

  29. I’d step up to at least the 96ci with a six speed. I’ve have now lack of power with mine and it only has true dual exhaust. I have a 08 ultra classic. And yeah that 88 with a 5 speed leaves some to be desired.

  30. I have 08 road king cvo 110 ci plenty of power

  31. Bore that 88 out to 95 put pipes and intake And she’ll do great for you

  32. The 110 cubic inch screaming eagle engine is a good option

  33. You’re looking at a bike with an 88′ of course it feels under powered. Look at 08’s or newer. They’ll have 96′ motors with hydraulic lifters etc. more reliable, more power. If you want a bagger to feel fast you’d need a bike with a 103 or a 110 kit

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