Why can’t you use K&N air filters on the street?


Question: Why can’t you use K&N air filters on the street? It’s says in the box not to use for street track only. What are your guys take on this?

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  1. I’m just here to read the ‘answers’

  2. It’s for legal reasons they state it on the box. It’s fine to use on the street. The reason it’s not "street legal" is because of California and their environmental friendly laws.

    On a side note, get ready for some smart ass replies.

  3. What the hell is an airfilterud83eudd14

  4. EPA regulations state side. Just a disclaimer to cover the companies ass. Just like aftermarket exhausts say closed course only

  5. On a serious note do not run one. First off on an r1 with stock intake system you are not going to get more power or anything from swapping out an airfilter. It just is what it is. Second kn uses a liquid or oil to capture dirt on the filter. It takes alot of maintenance to majntain and if left dry will not only allow dirt to pass through but also all the dirt youve been collecting on the filter. Just use a stock filter. It works alot better and doesnt require maintenance. just my 2 cents.

  6. The race airbox on my 4xv that I run on the street lol

  7. This is the filter element

  8. So how other should you change an OME filter

  9. Get the Sprint street filter.

  10. They don’t work on street, only on track and k&n knows it

  11. Wasn’t there a mass recall on ALOT of K&N filters because certain batches were proven to leak thru the gasket and that’s just all bad from there. I keep about a dozen filters on hand and 2 of the K&N had the bad batch number so I just threw them away. Honestly the only reason I use them is because of the hex bolt to get them off unless OEM added that finally.

  12. Fuck that I have had one in every bike never had any problems at all or anything else

  13. To avoid possible litigation.

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