Would it affect my cornering and lose traction?


Could someone tell me please if I set my traction control to the lowest or if I take it off, what changes will do to my 2012 R1? Would it affect my cornering and lose traction? What are the advantages and disadvantages?

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Answers ( No )

  1. Traction control has nothing to do with the grip from the tire to the road. What it does is, when you come out of a corner and whack the throttle, when your tire loses traction and starts spinning, the traction control cuts power to the engine so you don’t continue to spin and lose control. Let’s the tire ‘catch up’ to your throttle input. Easiest way I could explain it lol

  2. Turn that shit off if you’re wanting to wheelie

  3. Turn it off or all the way down for dank woolies. It’s just there to prevent the rear wheel from spinning out of control and also to keep the nose down if you have the traction mode set high enough. It won’t impact braking at all or cornering unless your rear wheel is losing traction while you are on the throttle in said corner.

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