Laguna seca, is it worth riding?


My American buddy’s.

Laguna seca, is it worth riding?

Our uk trackday company have just offered a event, always loved to watch on tv but now the possibility of riding it has come up.

Going to be expensive £1200+ including taking our bikes over to the USA.

What we thinking? Worth the visit or spend the money on more local stuff

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  1. I’ve never ridden it, but would LOVE the chance! If you do go, they have VERY strict noise laws. Make sure the bike has the stock exhaust WITH cat or you’ll be black flagged

  2. Bull shit!

  3. David Paxton if you don’t go you will regret it by the way we don’t have tracks with fucking noise ordinance

  4. Better off booking thru trackdaz for the june event
    And getting a rental bike through 619kneedraggrz
    PM me for more info if intrested!

  5. I’ve done sighting laps on a pit bike, not at speed. But it is very cool. I’m told turn one is the real pucker factor turn, not the corkscrew. Your leaned over, accelerating hard, turning, over the blind hill while managing rear grip. The corkscrew is iconic. Do it.

  6. Its worth the ride. Legendary at full track speed. Shipping your bike would be nuts. If there is a way to rent a bike I’d go that route

  7. Google says that’s about $1326 in freedom money. Sounds way too good to be true but if you can guarantee it’s true and legitimate that would be the opportunity of a lifetime. It would cost me $600ish to ride one day at Leguna Seca and I’m in Southern California. That includes driving there and back, gas for truck and bike, food and whatnot.

  8. Plan would be to make a holiday out of it, and while I am there if I can escape commifornia go enjoy my other hobby and do some shooting with the stuff our government doesn’t trust me with

    I’m kinda already sold on this, I love the USA and any excuse to visit is a good one

  9. David Paxton do it man. You said it’s a reputable company. And for your shooting you would be close enough to Oregon, a few hours but worth it since you’re coming from across the pond, to go shoot anything your heart desires. There are plenty shooting ranges in commiefornia but there are a lot of guns outlawed here that you won’t get to shoot.

  10. Ride it before the soccer moms close it down for good.

    **sorry, football moms.

  11. Come visit America dude. There is a machine gun rental place in Las Vegas and the Pacific highway makes for a sweet ride

  12. Yes it’s worth it!!!

  13. That’s cheaper than hauling my bike from NC to CA. A lot of people will agree on that.
    I’d love to try Silverstone…

  14. I’m not reading the previous comments since usually no one answers the question…

    It’s a fun track, very unique, and the corkscrew is super intimidating at first but such a bad ass feeling. I rode it a couple times 6 years ago and am glad that I did. I am actually looking into going back out there and renting a bike to ride it again this coming year. Beware the afternoon shade and cooler track on the right following the corkscrew since you’ve spent so much time without a right handed.

  15. Do it but inquire about decibel enforcement there… you’ve got a full system in your bike you’ll likely have issues. Unless things have changed they are very strict there due to the luxury condos developed nearby that love to litigate.

  16. Bucketlist track. Do it

  17. One of most legendary road courses in the country.

  18. Duh! Do you even corkscrew bruh?!

  19. No point being the richest man in the graveyard. Do it. We get one life with no rehearsals

  20. Do it. Great layout and technical.

  21. I’m from the UK and used to race TZ750s back in the 70s in the UK including MGP. Living in MN now but lived in NorCal for 10 yrs. After 30 years away from the track I bought a used RSVR and did 3 track days at Laguna in 2016. Awesome track. Crashed first time out pushing some road tires too hard. No big deal. Laguna is like a sunny, wide Cadwell Park. Do it, whatever it costs.

  22. PS just be aware if you don’t have Medivac insurance and you crash that bad they need to send a chopper you’ll get a $30K bill through the Mail.

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