What’s the secret to prevention of leg cramps during rides?


What’s the secret to prevention of leg cramps during rides? Anything besides bananas?

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  1. Tonic water , and mix it with anything fruity, it works for me.

  2. I heard pickle juice

  3. Spin dont grind. Bike fit. Build endurance/distance slowly, dont jump up mileage distances too quickly.

  4. Magnesium sometimes helps. Stretch your legs before you ride

  5. indigestion tablets, have the magnesium and salts you need in the muscles to help stop cramps but you still need to try and take them before the cramp starts

  6. I use electrolyte replacement drinks and along with plenty of training …. i have never suffered from cramps.!

  7. Cut them off ???

  8. I stretched them at stops and on hills switch between calves and thighs by switching foot angle which streches the muscles differently. This keeps me moving while stretching the muscles, it a cramp starts while riding I do the stretching and will massage my calf while riding.

  9. Milk, Pickle juice…but energy drinks that replenish electrolytes as you ride are your solution.

  10. Homeopathic Bioplama Sport. Pickles & pickle juice

  11. Any electrolyte drink is likely to help

  12. Pickle juice! And lots of water.

  13. Tonic water. It contains Quinine and quinine is a known cramp preventative. Something else that definitely helps is sodium bicarbonate. Check that your intake of magnesium, potassium and Vit C is adequate too. I use to suffer severe cramps in my quads and my left calf.

  14. Hydrate well. I take Quinine Sulphate as get severe leg cramps….. helps a lot…

  15. Kombucha —

  16. A proper fit.

  17. Pickle juice

  18. Stretching helps a lot for me, also makes recovery much shorter. What shoes are you wearing? Proper bike shoes have stiff soles that keep your feet from bending under pressure and really helps reduce cramps

  19. More pottasium rich foods

  20. Tonic water with quinine,this is the best thing for muscle cramps.

  21. G2 mixed with coconut water in one bottle, nuun tablets in another, blox with extra sodium and cashew pieces with added salt in a small baggie in my bag. Finally, do deli and beer after the ride.

  22. I use Hammer Enduralyte tabs on longer rides

  23. Coconut water!!! A glass a day .

  24. Again coconut water it really truly works!!

  25. And another trick I've learned is putting Pedialyte mixed with water in one of my water bottles on my bike ride

  26. simple… yellow mustard.

  27. Tonic water with quinine

  28. Tomato juice works very quickly to get rid of cramps – of course stretching as a preventative, too.

  29. Pickle Juice Sport – I swear by this stuff. (Also proper training and hydration prior to your ride is essential).

  30. Hydrate Like A Mofo!

  31. Weak legs or more water

  32. Yes hydrate….but I also use Sport Legs supplement before and during, pickle juice after!

  33. One tablet of magnorm before riding prevents it

  34. endurolytes Hammer Nutrition

  35. A variety of instructions, I've never really had em, and rarely stretch, but I do hydrate, it's amazing how much energy can come from just good ole H2O! Electrolytes are simply sodium n potassium, pre-work out for those, and recovery is yogurt, walnuts, n tart cherries. Drink pickle juice anytime all the time, I have since I was very young.

  36. Nothing exotic (or stupid sounding) is necessary. Lots of water and proper nutrition. Maybe electrolytes (tabs, gels, goos, liquids) if it is particularly hot, if you sweat profusely, or it is a really long ride. But water is the most important of all. Drink before you are thirsty, finish a bottle an hour minimum.

  37. All kinds of electrolytes

  38. Pickle juice

  39. Hammer Enduralytes

  40. Pickle juice

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