What would you buy that is long lasting and reliable?


I have a question regarding bike lights. Being so many out there on the market. What would you buy that is long lasting and reliable? I would love to hear your thoughts please.

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  1. I used to use lights that took double-a or Triple-A batteries, I got tired of buying batteries. Then I got a USB light, but sometimes I had forgot to charge it so I had to get a spare to take for those occasions. Then I got tired of that. Then I had a Dynamo Hub put in my front axle, and I love it. I never ever have to worry about charging or batteries or anything, and they've got some really nice, and bright, lights and they are totally Carefree you can just forget about them but they're always there for you.

  2. For taillights I use Planet Bike and my headlight is by Niterider and I use the 1100 rechargeable one. Never have had issues with either one.

  3. Anything LED and rechargeable. I like my lumins to be over 1000.

  4. Cygolite. I have 2 battteries and run the light flashing daytime and on night rides. Aluminates the road surface nicely.

  5. Night Rider has some good lights out there

  6. Light and motion

  7. Make a difference as to if you want to be seen or see where you are going

  8. Bontrager Flare R rechargeable taillight

  9. NiteRider I've had two 700 lumen lights one on the bars the other on my helmet last for the entire ride average 2 hours and I've had them for 2 years

  10. I use night rider rechargeable

  11. They're all pretty reliable … you pay for performance.

  12. And the rear! Awesome lights!

  13. See Sense front and rear for day riding. Cygolite front for night. https://youtu.be/DC-mkJtMQb8

  14. I use Bontrager Ion 800 for the front and Bontrager Flare R for the rear, rechargeable USB for both, but the rear can be seen in broad daylight from 2 kilometers away… Solid light set.

  15. I have the Flare R for the rear as well. Very Bright. My only problem is the battery only lasts for about 5 hours. Not quite long enough for a century ride. I also keep a 2nd light on the back that is AAA Battery powered. I like to be seen from "AFAR"

  16. I have a Cygo Light 850 on the front at all times. When on a Randonneur 300 or 400K' i use an external battery for charging. The light will continue to run for hours. Like 20+ hours with the external battery plugged in the charging port.

  17. Light-N-Motion has lots of great options.

  18. Cygolite and niterider are 2 of the most reputable brands out there. Weather resistant, rechargeable, tons of different luminosities

  19. $30 for a Cree based LED system. I have 4, ages ranging from 6 to 2 years old. Only replaced one battery.

  20. Where are you riding? Do you want the lights to see with or to be seen by? Is it rural roads, bush trails, down hill mtb, or well lit suburban street?
    Then you can get some more accurate suggestions

  21. Just check length of batteries for the light your considering 400 hours is great
    And recharging a great plus
    Those battery costs add up fast
    Lumens is the amount of light given off
    Check that also

  22. Bontrager front and rear. Rechargeable.

  23. The cygolight brand is really good. It is on Amazon. The Botranger lights by trek are also amazing. I really like the flare. I would also like to try the botranger front (the ion, maybe?). On the front I have a Cygolight 700 and in the rear, the Bontrager flare.

  24. I have cateye in the front and a Cygolite Hotshot 100 Lumen Rechargeable Taillight. I have them both on flashing in the daylight and put the front not flashing in the evening. Cars have pulled up beside to say my lights are amazing! Both of these are rechargeable, best way to go. And they are LED's so they last a long time on one charge!

  25. Anything rechargeable and not with batteries

  26. 60 lumens of red; 100 of white. Anything less is not enough. Stay away from “Super Extra Bright” unless the number of lumens is listed.

  27. blitz lights & serfas are good

  28. I've used NiteRider products for years, with zero issues. Lumina 650 and 700 lumen lights.

  29. I have 11 car lights on mine

  30. Love all my niterider brand lights, I currently roll with a 750 boost on my bars and a 750 micro on the helmet. Tons of light for well over 4 hours of riding even at temps around 0°f

  31. Bike Headlight, GVDV 1600 Lumens Bike Light with Rechargeable 10400 mAh Battery, 5 Lighting Modes, Can Charge Smartphone or GPS and Be Powered by Power Bank https://www.amazon.com/dp/B071XCM471?ref=yo_pop_ma_swf I bought this light on Amazon, so far its been incredible, the battery has lasted me as long as 7 and a half hours on the brightest setting, it says 2000 lumens or something like that but I think it's more on the 1200 lumens, I highly recommend it for the handlebar it cost me $30 9 months ago, still running strong.. (I believe it's on sale now @$10)

  32. things don't last nowadays, so bang for the buck is how I choose. Always buy on sale. Get the most lumens for the cheapest price.

  33. Ay-Up out of Australia make a very high quality product. Not as bright as some on the market but are absolutely bulletproof. Just finishing my fifth season with these and they look and work like new.

  34. SonDelux hub, and SuperNova lighting.

    Costs a pretty penny, but Rock solid and BRIGHT.

  35. I use the Planet Bike blaze 2 watt headlight and the Superflash Turbo 1 watt rear. They're bright and the flash pattern on both is almost a strobe.

  36. As a daily commuter, I used the NiteRider Lumina 650 for 4.5 years. It recharged 1-2x er week on the USB from my work PC. Great light, nice mounting, good lumens. It died last week and I replaced it with a NiteRider Lumina 950. Great lights.
    Edit: I should add that I have a second light on my commuter as ~5 months of my year have me riding one or both ways in the dark. I bought a cheaper light that just takes AAA batts as a backup. If my primary light battery runs down to nothing (because I didn't pay attention to the warning LED and forgot to charge it) I have my second as a backup. The AAA's hold charge when unused longer than the rechargeables, and if THEY fail (I've failed at this point too) I can pick some replacements up at any gas station.

  37. Light and Motion has powerful stuff and assembled in USA, and a really great warranty. Blackburn has some OK stuff, but literally NO QUESTIONS ASKED WARRANTY. Like, drive over it with your car and they will give you a new one.

  38. Just about anything by NiteRider is a solid bet, they dominate. For. $100 I can get a kickass combo set and spend more or less and still have great options.

  39. Son hub dynamo with Busch and Muller lights. not cheap but reliable as anything and no worries about forgetting to charge it.

  40. Dynamo setup. Never needs to be charged, never dies.

  41. I've had my Serfas and Cygolites for years. Reliable and rechargeable.

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