Best advice you’ve ever been given when it comes to riding?


What is the best advice you’ve ever been given when it comes to riding?? I mean the single best piece of advice? If you could only share one, what would it be?

Had an awesome discussion with some riding buds about this recently.

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  1. If your legs hurt in front, raise the saddle. If they hurt in back, drop the saddle.

  2. Know thyself. (Don't ride above your level, be careful of riding at what you are capable of.)

  3. Momentum is your friend!

  4. Heavy feet light hands, attack position

  5. It's alot easier to maintain fitness, than to regain it.

  6. there is not a bad ride. ever!

  7. Get a professional,bike fit

  8. Never take a screwdriver to the derailleur

  9. Prefer martinis

  10. Stay upright and avoid proving Newton's theory on Gravity.

  11. Don't stop!

  12. Look after your bike and it will look after you.. Happy pedalling

  13. Drink before you're thirsty. Shift before you climb.

  14. Buy good shorts, saddle and grips. Contact points make the most difference.

  15. pedal faster…

  16. Trust your instincts.

  17. Ride your Ride!!

  18. Don't ride into the sun on a non-shoulder road…the traffic behind you will have a hard time seeing you.

  19. Keep pedaling…..

  20. complete Awareness -( road conditions,traffic, weather,etc )

  21. Ride. Ride a lot. Ride daily. It will do you good.

  22. Be predictable.

  23. Dual wing mirrors.

  24. Thats a great question, no one as ever given me any advice. Oh wait some people tell me to wear a helmet.

  25. You can do more than you think you can.

  26. You only live once, pedal, slow and steady, see, hear, and feel, every mile as you pedal. There is so much beauty, take your time to enjoy it. It's the journey, not the destination.

  27. Ride the way you want, wearing what you want, on the bike you want fast or slow don't matter just go.

  28. Just get out there and ride.

  29. Get out there regardless of how much time you have. A short ride is better than no ride.

  30. Don't buy upgrades, ride up grades

  31. Have tools & spare parts with you.

  32. Obey the traffic laws as if you were driving a car and always signal emphatically….tell them what your planning on doing..

  33. It came from a bike mech that was training me….Distraction is painful…….truth.

  34. Always wear a helmet!

  35. There are cute women riding Naked Bike Rides

  36. With any sport (action sports) I always go by “ you have to fall to get better”

  37. Get out there, every chance you get, skills, speed, stamina and style will come itself! I think i just made this up lol

  38. Assume all drivers are actively trying to kill you. Almost none actually are, but when you run into that one or two who are, assuming the worst of them will save your life.

  39. It doesn't get easier, you just go faster….that is how I kearned it's about tolerating suffering….at any level

  40. NEVER change gears while putting power through the pedals

  41. Ride, ride, then ride some more.

  42. Harvey Hover once told me always pedal, even downhill. I do it to this day … and will when I'm back on my bike!

  43. To ignore advice and think for yourself.

  44. Seriously, get a proper bike fit, shoe and saddle fit too, when you FIRST buy a road bike!

  45. Bikes are not cheaper than girlfriends.

  46. Enjoy yourself.

  47. Safety first! Always be aware of your surroundings and traffic.
    Helmet and bike lights.
    All important

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