What would need to be adjusted ?


On a 9 speed bike with shimano deore I’m having a little issue. My 4th and 6th gear work perfect with no skips . 5th gear will skip sometimes under heavier load . What would need to be adjusted ?

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  1. Check the teeth on that 5th cog…one might be chipped off.

  2. It's probably the gear you've used the most and it's wore out .

  3. The fact that 4th and 6th shift fine would indicate derailleur cable “trim”is ok.
    Did you recently replace your chain? A new chain will skip/jump on worn cogs.

  4. the derailleur is probably out of alignment. a bike shop can probably straighten the gear hanger, which is a sacrificial bit of metal between the frame and derailleur which bends first when that area gets bashed.

  5. N+1 . ….. time for a new bike.! Ha ha.

  6. Replace the cassette. I just had this problem on my bike, which had been tuned up at the shop the week before. It was a worn cassette on the three gears I used the most (9-speed Sora). Replaced cassette, and everything was good! 🙂

  7. Time to buy a Campy group set.

  8. Is it time to possibly replace your chain ? Or your cassette ?

  9. The gear hanger is crooked

  10. Probably a bent hanger

  11. First step is to check and/or adjust your cables. If they are older, consider replacing them.

  12. Most likely worn cassette. Better check the chainrings too.

  13. Usually have to change the complete drivetrain, ie, chainrings, chain and cassettes,, they usually have the same rate of wear.

  14. Yes the most used middle ones wear out,I.ve recently put a smaller outer ring on my training bike so I use all my gears now.

  15. Check hanger alignment first, if the chain is good I would bet on worn cassette.

  16. Bent gear hanger or new chain and cassette maybe

  17. "Fine tune" it , if that don't work maybe a cassette or chain replacement is in order!

  18. I guess I should add, this is on an ebike and it only happens under high power . Normal leg pedaling it doesn't skip. So I'm thinking fine tuning but not sure which way to start

  19. I will check the cassette for wear but it only has like 3000 km

  20. New or clean the cog

  21. Check chain wear, cassette wear. Sometimes a stiff chain link will cause that. Or a bent rear derailleur hanger.

  22. I had a similar problem it was a stiff link in the chain

  23. New cassette

  24. Sounds like a chain wear issue. most likely the chain and rear cassette will need to be replaced.

  25. …it is also possible the shifter cable "may" need replaced. The cable could have a slight fray at a certain point that not letting the de-railluer index properly for 5th gear. Just a thought.

  26. First question would be do you ride in the 5th gear more than the other gears? If so Chris Kotting is correct new cassette and chain would be in order. after replacing try shifting gears more often to spread wear more evenly over time.

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