So I need some advice regarding nutrition


So I need some advice regarding nutrition, as my fitness increases and my dietary needs change. I’m beyond just needing to snack frequently now and into a stage where, if I don’t eat enough, I have literally no energy to perform even basic functions ? how do you manage to stay well fed, all day, at work, while getting enough protein/fat/carbs/fibre?

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  1. I have never changed the way I eat. I just eat normal and carry cliff bars and Gatorade for long rides and or races.

  2. What are you eating now? Maybe you have too much sugar and you are crashing…or you don't eat enough protein after riding..
    Fitness and diet have entire books and wild variations on whats right.

    You don't need energy gels or bars on short rides under 30 miles/3000 ft of climbing if you eat before your ride…bring a bar in case you bonk never the less.

    Drink lots of water everyday.

  3. How hard do you ride? What do you eat? When do you eat it? How much do you weigh? Legit questions …. while on your ride , u should take in 30 g carbs per hour to maintain glycogen stores on a hard ride… but if your not eating prior , you may not have stores to pull from. This means your pulling from fat stores. If your already lean, then your breaking down your own body to feed your own body to function. Search resting bmr calculator. Find out what you should be taking in. Then assess what you are taking in and adjust it.

  4. Eat foods that fuel your next ride. Smaller portions… more often.

  5. Check with your medical insurance company. Many policies offer free nutrition counseling. I see a nutritionist every other month for free, thanks to my medical coverage.

  6. Do you count your macros and calories? If not, try it for a week or two. Something is not in balance. 40carb, 30, protein, 30 fat Is pretty standard for active individuals. You'll have to play around with your own amounts to see what works for your body. But, you need a starting point, so start around there. You also need to figure out your caloric maintenance level. If you're not hitting “x” amount of calories each day to sustain your riding/training, you'll feel it. (I've found that a lot of women, underestimate the amount of calories they're actually eating. I got my GF into weight lifting and she was under eating by almost 1000 calories a day, we fixed that REAL quick. )

    I eat 4 meals and a snack a day. Almost an entirely protein based breakfast. Bacon, 3 eggs, and 1/4 cup of oatmeal (I food prep it a few days at a time). Clif bar as a snack before lunch. Lunch is generally a turkey or tuna sandwich. Dinner is varies, but generally chicken, ground turkey(tacos!), or fish. 2 different vegetables and a carb. I eat about a 1/3 of my calories at dinner. Then I'll have a fruit smoothie with 1/4 cup of whey protein about 2 hours before bed.

    My fitness pal is a great tool to track everything.

  7. U may also be dehydrated. #1 cause of fatigue. At least a gallon per day and see how u feel

  8. Being dehydrated gets me every time. I try to eat "healthy" by taking in protein when I can, but I focus on eating loads of carbs before rides. Rice, oatmeal, rice crispies, potatoes (yummy french fries), loads of water and of course caffeine.

  9. You could try bringing home made rice/ chicken based stir fry to work with you.

  10. Jenny, do yo currently track what your eating? I was having many issues until I started to track my food, then I found a good, natural balance between food and excersie

  11. Healthy eating no junk food fizzy drinks sugar laden snacks fried food drink lots of water


  13. Google "Rocky cookie."

  14. Hi Jenny! I'd love to chat with you out this! I'm actually a full-time nutrition coach with a certification in holistic health and nutrition. I love Jeffs advice for a 40-30-30 ratio, and I can help you calculate your calorie goals and formulate some meal plans that would target these ratios. I saw that you said that tracking food in the form of calories or macros causes you too much stress so thinking that having meal plans in place would help alleviate the stress. Let me know if you'd like to chat!

  15. I think the best advice I could give is to see a nurtritionist. They can accurately map out what your currently eating and make the necessary changes. Worked perfectly for me.

  16. The food / fluids you have the day before is what you use the next day. A doctor told me that. You have to fuel up so to speak before you exercise and replenish after.

  17. Celiac disease prevents absorption of nutrients. have you had a blood test for those markers? Fatigue is one symptom…

  18. We get tired and lethargic and immediately think caffeine and sugar, I used to. It's protein and B vitamins that sustains me. Wish I would have figured it out when I was younger.

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