Thinking about buying a nishiki road bike


Question for my fellow riders. Thinking about buying a nichiki road bike. It’s in my price range and looked up some utube videos. Anyone have any advice for me? Thanks in advance!

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  1. I'm 100% a Trek person.

  2. Nishiki is not a high end bike. Have you been to all your local bike stores to look at the different bikes they have to offer? Have you looked at the used bike market? Consider brands that a local bike shop carries and will work on for you.

  3. Hi Jason, not sure what your price range is, no need to tell. But Fuji and giant are usually reasonable in price. Nishiki has gone down over the years. And if you ride 20 miles a ride i would recommend getting a nicer bike if your wallet allows it. I can understand your fear of used bikes, but you can always test one out if it's local then walk away if it's no good. I hope this helps, good luck.

  4. That was helpful. I'll say my budget is 600. I will continue to keep looking. I'm not opposed completely to used.

  5. Have owned 4 used bikes in past 14 years. Do your homework. Ask questions of the owner. Usually your best bet.

  6. I had a Nishiki in the late 80's, whilst in the Military. It served me well, over a 2 year period. Not fancy, or anything high end, but for rides from 10-40 miles, it was fine. I'm guessing that they have changed a bit since then, though

  7. Thats what I'm hearing. I ride alone and don't have bike friends so it hard to know somethings.

  8. i had a Nishiki Olympic in the 80's. All this time later and it's still my favorite bike of them all thereafter. It was stolen, otherwise, i'd still have that one

  9. I ended up buying a tommaso sentiero on sale for around 500 or something. it has a full shimano Claris group set and disc brakes on an aluminum frame with a steel fork. I don't think it's bad for my first bike. It was ready to ride out of the box with very little assembly.

  10. Nishiki is very nice entry level

  11. For 600 you can get a killer bike used… Keep looking

  12. You can pay half or less the sticker price if you learn what you want the pursue it.

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