What quiet exhausts you lot using on track?


What quiet exhausts you lot using on track?

Other than the Akra banana one….

Bike: R1

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  1. Leo Vinci with baffles in

  2. My mate used this Pipeworx one the other day at Brands and was fine.

  3. Pipewerx 98db with baffle

  4. Seton tuning! 98db without a baffle!

  5. Does the standard one meet noise regs?

  6. I use MHP clubman with baffle in the linkpipe love the look and no loss in power

  7. 101 dB as eell

  8. I use two brothers with baffles but mine without baffles won’t pass but it does with baffles as I think is the case with most exhausts. Hope this helps

  9. MHP, does the job and the best looking

  10. Setons on newer r1s

  11. I made my own telescopic baffle. So run the Yoshimura Alpha, (105db), and just elongate my baffle to provide the closest db to the circuit I go to. ­čÖé .ga.

  12. I have this one that i have used once if it’s any good to you.

  13. 50.8 bore with no baffle 380mm long / in place of 60mm bore with baffle 420 mm long, same noise level.

  14. Pretty much all long exhausts will be quite but the problem with them as they very easy to crash, plus usually the bracket that is attached to the subframe is easily snapped. Therefore I tend to use short pipes and I think the only solution is Mark Hill MHP exhaust which has baffles inside the link pipe and it’s quite short comparing to any other vendors. Best looking and not that easy to crash as all others

  15. Akropovic trackday system,,tunable with two baffles,105 down to 99.3.

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