Lost the red key to my 2016 R1M


Quick question, lost the red key to my 2016 R1M, any idea of cost to replace from dealer? I have the black key still if that helps.

Stupidly lost my owners wallet I got with the bike.

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  1. Use a marker to colour
    the black red

  2. You’ll need a new virgin ECU and new red key, it won’t be cheap! (Work at a Yamaha dealer) I can confirm later ­čÖé

  3. When I bought my 16 r1m it didn’t have a red key. I found this site http://www.motomatrix.co.uk/prices.html

  4. I had a 2010 R6 and thought I had lost the red key when I moved house. Went to get a price and it was nearly u00a32500 as the wiring loom needs to be changed too. Finally managed to find the key.

  5. Any decent tuner can switch off the immobiliser fairly cheaply.

  6. Is that the 2cr model, if so there’s a full lockset with ecu on eBay with all 3 keys

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