Best frame sliders for R1 4c8?


What is the best frame sliders for R1 4c8?

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  1. I have asked the same question couple days ago but nobody tell me anything

  2. Shhhh everyone remember it’s secret

  3. R & g I’ve just got the updated ones that are better

  4. I’ll get a pic later

  5. My R and G ones did great work saving my 4c8 it’s something I won’t skimp on

  6. Has more bolts holding it

  7. Fuck me the r&g ain’t cheap, but cheaper than panels.

  8. we can sort you GB Racing, R&G, Gilles and Evotech

    and offer members discounts

    Send us a message if can help ­čÖé

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  9. GB Racing ones all day. Bend at the bracket not the frame bolt, tested multiple times, think they’re cheaper than R&G as well… ud83cudffc

  10. Listen to Paul Xuereb s advice mate… He knows more about 4C8 sliders than anyone! Hahahaha. .ga.

  11. Gary Higson ya ya funny man lol

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