What oil do you use on FZ-07 guys?


Guys, quick question about oil. I have to do second service on my 07 and I have to pick new oil.
I’d like to pick really good quality oil for my bike. The standard oil for 07 is the YAMALUBE, but, I’d rather like to go with Bel-Ray ESX.
What oil do you use in your bike guys?

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  1. Everyone is going to have an opinion on this and most will be different. Do you have s reason for not wanting to use yamalube?\n\nI use yamalube

  2. If you can prove you use Yamalube they will warranty the engine for 10 years or 100,000 miles. So I switched to yamalube synthetic. Fz runs great

  3. I use unicorn piss and it works great….\n\nBut seriously, oil is anyways better with quantity over quality. The more times you change the oil the better, it doesn’t matter much on the type of oil as long as you change it within 3k miles everytime.

  4. Noor makes a great point. In a wet clutch transmission and engine modern day oils are all pretty good. They don’t break down very easily but not oil can absorb much more junk than another oil. Changing it on frequent intervals is way more important than what you’re actually putting in there. The oil acts like a liquid sponge absorbing clutch dust and acids left behind from fuel combustion.

  5. Yamalube semi syn is in mine now. Changing every 3000 miles.

  6. I use Amsoil 10-40 full synthetic. Bike runs and shifts flawlessly. 18000km.

  7. I just bought mine used and don’t know what was in it. I’m about to change mine with Amsoil 10w-40.

  8. AMSOil Metric (wet-clutch compatible), 10-40

  9. Royal purple. I spend extra money for it but ehh fuck it

  10. YamLube full syn 4500 miles Noor Mahmood made one of the best points on this page so far………If you can afford it, use unicorn piss.

  11. Unicorn piss is the way to go, 10w 40 grade. Better than yamalube, better than royal purple or amsoil. RevZilla has it in stock for $500,000 per liter

  12. Why do people always make smart ass comments when someone asks a legitimate question? Get a life already! !!!!

  13. Rotella T6 or Mobile One Turbo diesel. Seriously T6 is good stuff.

  14. Thanks for all your posts guys :). I bought Valvoline SYNPOWER 4T full synthetic oil for a bit more than 25$ for 4-litre bottle!

  15. If you use yamalube and keep your receipts they give you a life time warranty on the motor. They will check them all and go back to the purchase of the bike ,but they do stand behind their warranty.

  16. I dont know if that works in Europe

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