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Hey guys quick question that’s probably already been played over too much, I just rode my bike for the first time with the M4 slip on, went great until I was heading home, the bike was stuttering a bit if I just tried to go one speed, did it multiple times until I pulled in the clutch each time, why is it doing that?

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  1. Probably going to have to get it tuned. Could also be possible you have a leak in the exhaust causing the fuel/air ratio to be out of wack.

  2. Just checked for leaks again, nothing

  3. You have your O2 sensor connected to its wiring and secured to your pipe properly?

  4. Definitely check ur 02

  5. Yes sir, feels like it didn’t lose any horses or anything, was doing about a hundred perfectly fine

  6. I have the M4 no issues ever

  7. Going to check it now

  8. http://www.vcyclenut.com If you go to get it tuned this guy is who I would go through. Everyone has bragged about him a lot and this is who I plan to use when that time comes.

  9. M4 doesn’t require new tune.

  10. Okay, 02 sensor was not all the way tightened in the adapter, and the adapter wasn’t all the way tightened, now tightened all the way to the point where they won’t spin

  11. Cange ur spark plugs

  12. Update, I didn’t tighten down the positive cable all the way causing my bike to not start for a couple times and was the reason for the stuttering

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