What kind of gearing are people using?


Hey guys, quick question. What kind of gearing are people using. More so track orientated and slight blast in the curves. And also from experience the dampening on the rear shock itself, how many turns from full hard do you guys find to be the sweet spot, in regard to not being to soft or hard? Thanks guys!! PFA

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  1. Shock I have no answer at this time, I’m still trying to find it myself. Butfor the track I went -1/+1. +2 in my opinion was great coming out of turns but once you hit a long straight you might get walked down easily. The +1 kinda kept me in the game on straights but kinda wild coming out of turns

  2. Yeah cheers Jay, got a pic of your CBR?

  3. No track riding for me, but -1 +2 for mine is a blast on the back roads coming out of corners!

  4. I wear a technic suit for track and as for suspension get it tuned by a pro. The !!sweet spot!! Is different for every rider. Depending on they’re weight. If you get to do a track day they typically have a suspension guy there. Here in the midwest i run with stt and the guy charges like $60 bucks and if you have any issues that day he will tweek it for free

  5. -1/+1 but the best answer to your overall question is really a combination of seat time and rider preference.. loaded sag is much more of a theoretical topic without physical rider data to consider along with it.

  6. -2f,+1r. But, you need more rpm. This puts a bit of stress on the chain and trans, but it works really really well. Sets the swing arm at 11″, and really digs on corner exits. As far as the rear end goes. 3mm shim, place that on top of the shock, get a hrc/lees rear link, go full stiff.

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