Best set of no cut frame sliders for ZX6R?


Hello,what’s Best set of no cut frame sliders for 09 Zx6r?

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Answers ( 7 )

  1. Shogun is really good, they also have great customer service.

  2. Arnt no cut notorious for breaking off?

  3. None there all shit. Either get ones that go through the fairings or get none atall and just fit engine case covers.

  4. I have some shoguns. They’re pretty nice. Have not had to put them to use yet thankfully.

  5. I love my engine case sliders and install takes less than 5 minutes

    • oohhh, nice one, first time I saw that one installed on that location…looks cool…but I already bought a GB Racing cover, though expensive but love the looks..

  6. R&G lower framer sliders, shogun frame sliders and also have front fork sliders.


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