SC Project Exhaust Installed (2017 1000RR)


Installed the SC Project S1 exhaust today (had to delete original post since a member on here decided to troll and act like a fool). Thanks for all positive comments.
Here is the sound clip guys. For some reason it sounds more quiet in the video than it does in real life. iPhone 7 ? lol Need to upgrade to the new one haha.

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  1. How do you like the bike i won’t one

    • Love it! I’ve had several 600RR’s and this is my first liter bike. I’m a huge fan of Honda so when this was announced I immediately put down a deposit and had to have one. The SP1 and SP2 are definitely worth the money imo due to the small number of units being produced making them rare and unique. I would say even a base model would be a step up from the previous generation due to the electronics, body styling, lighting and extra features the 2017 model offers. I highly recommend it!

    • I found the bike incredibly easy to ride. Due to the large amount of weight the bike shed from its previous generation it’s now only 20lbs heavier than my 2013 600RR was. The weight is spread out so well that I honestly can’t tell the difference. I can throw it around corners with little to no effort just like I did my 600RR.

  2. Lets hear the beast!!!!

    • I really wanted to make a sound clip but it’s really windy here due to the hurricane coming. I’ll post it as soon as I make it. The sound is absolutely electrifying. Having gone to multiple MotoGP races and been in the pits I can tell you this exhaust sounds the most similar to a moto2 bike.

  3. Bring it out to Blood Mountain and ride sometime. I still haven’t seen a new CBR1000RR on the street or track yet, well except for the Moto America one.

  4. Beautiful bike man! I’ll be keeping an eye out for the video. Can wait to hear that beast roar!

  5. Recently bought this beauty! Love the bike, the handling so light and easy compare to the rest of the litter bike! Update us the video pls, im thinking to change exhaust, but still couldn’t find the good sound tho :))


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