What I can use to protect the matt finish on my bike?


I am wondering what i can use to protect the matt finish on my bike if i cant use wax what do i use??

Or do i just clean it and thats it?

What I can use to protect the matt finish on my bike?

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  1. I use rain x window cleaner on my whole bike after washing and drying. Works for me.

  2. I’ve been told that the Diamond cleaner fro Lamonster works well.

  3. I use bug slide on my matte finish (and the whole bike)

  4. U should really try top coat f11. It will bring out the true matt finish on it. U will really love it. It works on the whole machine. I promise.

  5. A sandblaster will keep it matte.

  6. I use Bug Slide. And it keeps the finish fine plus it makes cleaning easier.

  7. Muck Off makes a matte finish cleaner. I’m sure there are others. I think the sand blaster is a bad idea, lol.

  8. I use pledge furniture polish

  9. I just use soap and water on mine, haven’t found anything for matte

  10. Question the can-am lettering on the hood where is that from?

  11. Windex over the whole thing

  12. F11…is great!

  13. Autoglym fast glass for mat black

  14. F-11 works great on my f3 and wifes RTS.

  15. Silver wax mat

  16. Great looking F3!

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