I have a 2015 F3-S and need a charger over the winter.


I have a 2015 F3-S. I need a charger over the winter. What is something good that’ll keep the battery fresh? Trickle Charger? What size would I need ? Any help would be appreciated.

I have a 2015 F3-S and need a charger over the winter.

I have a 2015 F3-S and need a charger over the winter.

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  1. Just a simple tender/maintainer will do the job.

  2. Battery Tender. I use the Plus (1.25A), but for long term, the junior would be fine. What ever you do, resist the urge to start it and let it run.

  3. Battery Tender Junior works great.

  4. Anyone have a picture of the Battery Tenders? I was at the store and saw a few different ones and wasn’t sure which to buy

  5. You want a battery tender for a motorcycle not a trickle charger.

    The difference? The trickle charger charges the battery weather it needs it or not.

    A battery tender will shut it self off when not needed and monitors voltage and will come back on when needed.

    Go to amazon. They have plenty. Napa sells them and every bike shop.

  6. Battery Tender is actually the brand name you should look for. Don’t buy the generic/cheap versions. They will cook your battery over time. As Eric mentioned previously you want a charger that cycles on and off as needed.

  7. Google Battery Tender Plus. It’s what I use. It compensates for temperature changes. Charges at 1.25amps

  8. Battery tender junior

  9. The regular one from Walmart does what it go for me

  10. Costco has them I think to

  11. Go on Amazon !

  12. I just ordered the battery tender off Amazon! Thank You everyone!!

  13. Autozone has one that works great

  14. I have a solar powered charger plug it in and walk away.$20.00. It can b purchased on line.

  15. Just unhook the negative battery cable with the battery in a good full charge state and you will be better off than any battery tender. If you want to make that easier in the future put a battery disconnect switch in the battery cable.

  16. Black and decker’s battery tender. Under 30

  17. 12 volt side

  18. I bought a battery tender, Jr through Walmart. It’s been in use over the last 2/3 years. Works great!

  19. I know this isn’t your question, but never put a trickle charger on a dead battery. This is a good way to fry the battery. Trickle chargers maintain a charge. And also waiting too long to replace the battery can also ruin your alternator. Don’t be the guy that’s happy because he got 8 years on a 2-year battery.

  20. I milked my 3 yr old battery a little too long until I got stuck.. so I replaced it a couple of months ago. Seemed fine mostly. Yesterday, it started up fine, went for a 10 mile, 20 minute ride, and after a 30 minute stop, came out and the bike almost wouldn’t start. Could this be a sign of a bad alternator? How do I test it? (2016 RTS)

  21. I have had my RSS for 7 years and have never done anything but park in Garage. No charger and starting just fine.

  22. Trickle charger, and you can find one at just about any auto/cycle parts store.

  23. Je branche un Optimate 3, u00e9tu00e9 comme hiver, du00e8s que je ne roule plus et la batterie reste impeccable.

  24. Got this one cycle gear on sale 14.99 reg 29.99 good reviews we’ll see Dura Boost 750

  25. Battery tender brand, been using them for 10 years. No problems.

  26. Battery tender

  27. We use a trickle charger

  28. Battery Tender

  29. Take the battery out of the bike and connect the trickle charger. Put the battery on a piece of wood, not on concrete and forget it until you’re ready to use it. You can get trickle charger at almost any hardware store.

  30. leave your batter in the bike. an hook up the tender. you never no you might wan’t take a ride. i do in the winter it might just be 4 coffee

  31. Harbor Freight sells pretty good float chargers for about $20. I use them on my 2019 F3 Limited, and bass boat batteries. Very small, and simple to use. No need to take battery out or disconnect Float chargers will not over charge.

  32. 3-4 amp dolor charger with extension to mount outdoors. Garage light will also charge via solar.

  33. Battery Tender Jr. Don’t use a charger. Use a maintainer.

  34. If you get really cold winters, consider bringing the battery inside for the winter.

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