Just installed a backrest on 2019 RT Limited


Good morning fellow Spyder Ryders!

My husband just installed a backrest on 2019 RT Limited, and not sure if it's a right fit for me or not. Should I feel it in the middle of my back and feel pushed forward a tad? I have converted to 3 wheels, never had a backrest before, and it feels odd. I do love how I feel more secure in the seat on curves. It does give me great posture, no rounded shoulders reaching for the handlebars. Is this normal stuff?? Thanks in advance!

Just installed a backrest on 2019 RT Limited

Just installed a backrest on 2019 RT Limited

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  1. I am not sure, but if you have better posture I’d say it’s probably right…I’m getting one soon so please let me know

  2. The reason you feel like you’re pushed forward a bit is because your posture wasn’t the best before. It’s just your back being straighter like it’s supposed to be.

  3. Looks like an Ultimate backrest. They can be adjusted. Look on the bottom for the thumb screw.

  4. It is adjustable!

  5. You answered your own question better posture

  6. Same backrest I want to get

  7. The main question should be…Is it comfortable?

  8. Mine feels weird. But when I lean back on it I can stretch my back out.

  9. Mine feels like that too. Makes you sit up straighter. Mine hits in the middle of the back too. I have an Ultimate seat with both rider and passenger backrests.

  10. It looks as though you need to mooooove around until it feels good.

  11. I love mine on my RTL it help me long rides

  12. I was going to ask your passengers name , I see it above.

  13. I did a cross county trip from So CA to NY. By the time I got to Tulsa I decided and I needed a back rest and found a dealer that had one and installed it. Best $400 investment I have made in a long time! I don’t think I would have made the 6,700 mile trip without it. Just make tiny adjustments at a time until it’s exactly where you want it.

  14. It takes awhile to get used to it if you never had one before. It sure makes a long trip better.

  15. I wonder if the back rest for the driver is making you push back against the passenger back rest and that is what you are experiencing maybe?

  16. It takes getting used to, and there is a set screw to adjust how much tilt or pressure you feel. For me, best money I spent in a while, also makes me feel more secure in the seat

  17. I like my backrest lower, so I cut down the shaft. I had a backrest on my 2 wheeler so I was spoiled and have now had them on 4 Spyders.

  18. The really question is if the cutie in the backseat is comfy! ud83dude1cud83eudd23

  19. I also went from 2 wheels to 3. I had a backrest on my 2 wheels it does take some getting used to. I got a new seat for my Spyder and specifically got one with a backrest. You need to spend sometime adjusting it in and out and riding with it in different positions to figure out where it is most comfortable to you. I change where it is depending on if I have my heavy jacket on or not. Keep adjusting till it is comfortable for you!!!!!

  20. That r feel that way.you can adjust back an forth it might help I have one on my I did put a sheepskin on my set an back rest

  21. Yes, it will help correct posture, yes they do tend to push you forward and "pre-stress" your back by promoting a healthy riding position, but it can be uncomfortable. There should be an adjustment knob that you can back out to take it out of the middle of your back and "flatten" out the riding position. They can be cumbersome until you get used to them too, but once I got used to them on my two wheel bikes, I wont tour without them. But on short rides, I still pull it.

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