What goes on first..my padded bike shorts or my long johns?


Its getting pretty cold in the mornings when I ride. I bought thermal wear from Costco and here’s the question..what goes on first..my padded bike shorts or my long johns? Please dont laugh!

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  1. I wear thermal cycling tights over my padded shorts

  2. Shorts against skin and everything else over it for warmth

  3. Nothing should get between you and your crotch pad – the bike shorts go on first!

  4. Yep. Shorts first.
    I use the padded briefs and wear regular shorts over. More comfortable for me.

  5. I have ridden in 26 degree weather…. More often than I care to admit. Like everyone said, shorts first. I cover my head and ears too, and I have winter bike shoe covers as well.

  6. I hope you bought silk and not cotton thermals.

  7. It was 91 here in New Jersey. I kind of over did it this morning. Missed an event in the afternoon because of that

  8. Mind your hands too

  9. Nothing bw u and the chamois

  10. Thank you! Just seeing if I was right! Its getting freakishly cold in the mornings here in Kamloops!

  11. I would try panty hose rather than long johns.

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