I ride maybe 5-10 times on my tires before they go flat


Ok, I’m frustrated. Need some advice. I don’t know much about the mechanics of my bike. I have a Trek. My husband has one too, same problem. I ride maybe 5-10 times on my tires before they go flat. Usually one 20-30 mile ride, and the rest are 10 miles, so we are talking about 120 miles on a tire. The tread still looks good, but goes flat. So I asked at the shop, they said watch your tire pressure, which I do. Yet I end up flat before long. I don’t trust my tires enough to go too far. What am I doing wrong? I never had this problem with my cheaper bikes, before I became more of a regular rider.

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  1. I had a persistent slow leak – I'd get 15-20 miles if that before it just didn't feel right.
    Finally went around the inside of the tire itself and found what amounted to a pin (may be part of the tire casing) sticking out into the tube. It held air… just not for long.
    Check out your tires – make sure you're starting at somewhere between min and max pressure for those specific tires. Then examine everything that can possible touch the tube for an issue.
    And always be ready with a spare tube *and* a patch kit, at least CO2 ideally a mini pump as well. Further, practice at home – as though you only have available what you carry on the bike. Best to find you're missing something in the relative comfort of your garage, after all.

  2. Tire says 40-65 psi. Guy at the shop said stick with 60. I don't know about holes, or if burrs have been checked. Been relying too much on the shop. FINALLY deciding to learn & take care of it myself.

  3. Bake tire stays above 50

  4. Do your wheels have the "tape" on the inside, to protect from the tube endings? Also, you need to check to see if there is some kind of "needle" type deal lodged inside your tire that you're not seeing. Get a flashlight and carefully examine the inside of the tire to see if some sharp object is lodged in there.

  5. I'd bet on either the extenders (I'd take them off) or bad rim tape.

    Also check inside the tire itself. Take an old pair of pantyhose and run it along the inside. If there's something sharp, it'll snag it. (I use my fingers, wanna know why I have lots of scars?)

    FYI, bikes like yours are marketed as “comfort bikes”/ hybrid bikes. A road bike will typically have drop bars (the curved handlebars).

    My first “back to biking” bike was a navigator.

  6. That is helpful. TY

  7. I bet this,could be a valve stem problem. Are they Presta or Schrader valves? Schrader valves are the same as car tire valves. Take a valve tool and make sure,the cores are tight if they are Schrader valves. If they are Presta valves make sure they are screwed down tight. I check my bike tires before every ride. If I am losing a lot overnight I replace the tube.

  8. There are many great shops in your area, look up repair classes and attend one put on by a reputable store. I expect that The Hub Bike Coop or Eriks offers these classes. It will be time and money well spent for you and your husband to take a basic repair class so you can start getting more comfortable doing some of your own maintenance.

  9. Something is imbedded in the tire. Check it really good by flipping inside out then inspect real close.

  10. I've had great experience with Gatorskin tires not going flat. You might try them.

  11. My guess is the unnecessary valve extenders. I recommend watching YouTube videos and attending a maintenance clinic. It needs to be a hands on clinic that you can take your wheel and practice changing the tube.

  12. Powder up the tubes

  13. Q-How often do u pump up ur tires?
    A-every ride.
    If not, u run rick of snake bite or pinch flats.

  14. I put liners in our bikes, I have a Giant and the wife has a Luv

  15. Get continental gator skins also place in Kevlar liners ( panracer make these) … keep tyre pressure up… no more punctures

  16. Interesting about valve extenders. When I bought the bike new, it had valve extenders, the shop said make to use them instead of the typical covers. Yet most people here are against them, do they contribute to lost pressure.

  17. Check the tires and top them up with air before every ride. I literally test and top up as part of my pre-ride routine. When your bike shop told you to check them this is what they meant.

  18. you need to pump them up every other day or so. they go flat in a week.

  19. Go tubeless, problem solved

  20. Tires lose air. They need to be checked for proper inflation every ride.

  21. I suspect that there is something in your tire that is causing the flats or that your rim has a sharp spot. Really examine the inside of your tire and the edge of your rim the next time you change the tube. This should not be happening.

  22. check the spot were the Valve stem joins the inertube. I've had the cheaper ones develop cracks there. replace with a better quality tube.

  23. You do have a problem with your tubes. This can be caused either by something poking into your tube from the outside, from the inside (usually a sharp end of a spoke), or the valve in the tube.any of the three can cause the problem you describe. To check if it's the valve, put enough saliva on the top of the valve to form a bubble across the top, and wait. If it's a valve leak, more bubbles will form.

  24. If it's not a rim tape or rim valve opening sharp edge, maybe there's some piece of debris inside the tire. Take a cottonball and lightly slide it against inside tire surfaces, if any cotton threads pull, closer inspection is needed, magnifying glass can be helpful here.

  25. I'm not reading the previous 80 comments but I just want to help you out and tell you the facts, 1) all tires and tubes loose air IT'S NATURAL some people notice it differently. When you have bigger tires (like mountain bikes or beach cruisers) there is MORE AIR, so tire pressure loss is not very much (example 40 psi mountain bike tire may loose 7 psi a week) and skinny tire bike (like road bike or hybrid) has less air volume, so you may notice a 7 psi loss per day P.M. me you have questions 2) every bike you have ever owned, and every bike in the works with air tires all loose air. You may have not noticed this before because you didn't show as much focus in cycling, now that you've become more if a cyclist you are adept to noticing the feel of your bike

  26. Some people have issues with their pump and think it's a problem with their tubes but it is the pump, so they never get to the correct pressure to begin with.

  27. I see the problem exactly. You tyre has an i in it. You need to remove the i and replace it with a y and it will work perfectly. Same with your husbands. It's these cheap American versions. They are always spelt incorrectly.

  28. I had the same problem, changed to better tires and still going after 1000 miles without any punctures

  29. Whoever made them tubeless didn't do it right.

  30. This was happening to me, we finally figured out it was the rim tape which was not covering the spoke holes sufficiently. I got new rim tape and haven't had a flat since.

  31. wow yet again No information what so ever about tire pressure tubes how old are they….very much a trend to just say things here,,sad.

  32. Have you fixed it Maggie?

  33. My new bike tubeless goes flat quick. Bike guy said check pressure and you have to pump it up before each use. Normal

  34. No mention of replacing the inner tube here…..just the tyre going flat….you do change and check the inner tubes right?

  35. Tubes are porous, they lose pressure overnight. Always check your pressure before riding and you'll never have a problem again.

  36. Check the air valve by spraying soapy water all over the valve. If you see bubbles, then there's the problem

  37. If your pumping it up and it holds than your just loosing the normal air as said here through the permeability of the tube, or a slow leak through the valve as also stated above

  38. I once had the same issue. I went through so many tubes! When touring, it was a nightmare.
    Naturally, Specialized blamed anything but their faulty tires.
    I finally splurged on new Schwalbe tires. Problem solved. I haven't had a flat tire since.

  39. I just bought a new Trek and am having this same issue.

  40. Dude get thorn proof tubes, make sure your valves are screwed closed after you pump them up to about 100psi and invest insome decent tyres I like Continental 4 seasons good for all conditions wet dry gravel roads. Thats That's my set up No punctures in 8 months

  41. I own a Trek Madone which i have had for 5yrs, I always ride my tyre's rock hard & never have any problems. I use swalbe tyres. Please feel free to contact me.

  42. Check your inner tube i had a same issue.

  43. Maybe it's something like closing the valves after airing them up. (Not trying to insult,.)

  44. You may have slow leaks from stickers or small thorns. Tiny pieces can penetrate your tires, and slowly let the air out. Check the inside of your tires before putting new tubes in to make sure any forms or stickers have been removed. You can also use tubes that are full of slime. That will stop a lot of the leakage.

  45. I hate flats, that's why I use Schwalbe tires. I have ran them for 20,000 plus miles(last 3 years) and have had 12 flats. That is goooooooood; plus I got 8,000 miles, out of one of them. It was on my recumbent. I have one on my Surly Disc-Trucker. I will let y'all know how well it has done, once I wear it out. So far I have 1300 miles, on my rear tire, and I have had no flats; so far, knock on wood.

  46. I had that problem till I bought bell tubes at Walmart problem solved

  47. If you have Schrader valves, put some drops of water on the valve cores to see if they are leaking.

  48. May be loose spoke fittings, but valves can be a problem until you get to know what you need.

  49. I just wanted to thank everyone here for all the advice/support. I felt like I almost knew something about my tyre when I went in to buy supplies. It was the valve.

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