Kona mountain bikes?


Hello, I am new and this is my first question. What’s y’alls thoughts of kona mountain bikes? Thanks.

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  1. Konnnnnnnaaaaaaa!

  2. Thank you. Been looking at a couple as well as looking for recommendations for others

  3. Kona makes some great bikes!

  4. My brother in law has a kona. It's nice.

  5. And what are some other good companies. I want something that will last because i know I won't be easy on it

  6. always hard nothing but good things about Kona Mtn bikes. aren't they made in Wash St. (China)? I'm on the east coast but live near the largest USMC land base in the world, so we get a lot of west coasters. I had a friend who brought one with him 10 years ago and it's a tough-ass bike

  7. And i understand they have a soft tail that can be locked out to make it a hard tail?

  8. Good bikes.

  9. Excellent. I had a full downhill spec Stinky. It was awesome.

  10. Kona just like many other bike companies produce good bikes. If you're looking for recommendations then explain what type of riding you'll be doing, where you ride, and price range. Then I think you'll get a much more informed response.

  11. Good I had one for a few years and got plenty of use out of it.

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