What constitutes a modified airbox?


Just got jd jetting kit….

Question what constitutes a modified airbox? I know Greg removed top of airbox when he performed injectionotomy. Anyone else with jd kit? Any modified airbox? Why such a large jump from 152 to 162?

What constitutes a modified airbox?

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  1. Email JD thru their site. They get back quickly and can probably describe what mods they did to warrant the large step in mains.

  2. I run tight woods on a stock 16 X what advantage is there in re jetting. My bike runs perfect at all temperatures. Will it improve it? is it lean from the factory?

  3. JD kit is usually good. However, not with trainer at high altitude this time. I ended up with red needle clip and 128 main jet. When it gets to 70 F, I may need to drop to 125 mj.

  4. The more air you get in , you have to match the fuel. If you drill holes or cut the top then that is modifying the air box. The kit works with or without the injection system. Also our needles change everything in the jetting of the carb.

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