2017 xtrainer controls update


2017 xtrainer controls update:

My 2017 purchased in Feb has controls with the kill on the front side of the left combo switch. It does not have a map switch. My buddies 2017 just delivered has a flash to pass where my kill switch is. His kill is on the right. His has a map switch.

2017 xtrainer controls update

2017 xtrainer controls update

2017 xtrainer controls update

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  1. Just spoke to Beta about this.

    I purchased mine from Matt Pope motorcycles in March. Unfortunately I got a very early 2017 model pre February. And not one post Feb. All models post Feb have to comply with Euro 4 and come with a mapping switch.

    Apparently it’s very difficult to tell the difference.

    The controls look like they would be much easier on the later models

  2. I don’t care either way, except, the bike with the map switch costs the same…I’d like me a free map switch!!!

  3. Also worth noting that the newer controls include a push-on/push-off kill switch instead of the momentary push-and-hold switch on the earlier models. This, and the more easily accessible location, make it easier to shut the bike down quickly when necessary. My 2016 is a bit high strung and occasionally spooks and tries to bolt away from me. In steep terrain it’s sometimes a bit of a struggle to hold the momentary switch down long enough to kill the engine before the bike runs away. ud83cudfc7

  4. It’s not free, but I think I like the looks of this Sicass map switch better anyway. (I don’t understand the use of "rain" and "sunshine" labels on the factory Beta switch.)


  5. Mine has the sunshine/rainy map switch. I just bought it a month ago. Got lucky I guess.

  6. If instant kill is an issue it’s time for a tethered kill right?

  7. After my first ride, I fitted a proper on/off switch to the right bar. Much easier and it’s just a flick to kill. And yes, it does stop the engine at high revs!!

  8. Yeah so dose my 2017 Xtrainer mate map switch works really good for my bike can’t get up something go back down the hill switch it to wet give it a load of it again and it grips all the way up it’s a awesome add to the X trainer works like a tweet for mine I would be lost with out it. I have exactly the same set up on the switches but I added JITSIE MAGNETIC LANYARD KILL SWITCH that’s a good thing too add to your X trainer when you come off

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