Ktm 640 Adventure parts in SA


Another question about Ktm 640 Adventure. How difficult is it to get parts in SA. What’s the dealer support like?
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  1. Parts are easy to get and the service is great. Obviously the dealer will order from Austria and parts take 7 working days provided customs dont hold them up

  2. Yes! Like Andy Styling is saying. I love mine!

  3. I am getting mixed feedback on this subject

  4. I have never had any problems getting parts from my KTM dealer. Recently ordered carb jets etc all available.

  5. No problem.

  6. Haven’t ever waited longer than a week on anything, on any of my KTM

  7. I got some spares from one of my 640’s that i striped.
    Sold some but still got some if you need. Let me know maybe you lucky

  8. But to answer your question I never had issues getting parts. 640 is a beast but you need to know the bad boy in and out

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