Vulcan 2000 Misfire at Low RPM


Mine began with the miss firing when reving from low RPM today.. like it’s skipping a spark when I twist it. Never done it before. Any ideas on the reason for this? ’04 with 18000 miles.

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  1. Are you sure is not the rev limiter?

  2. At low RPM? It skips a spark, and then revs up. It happens after I shift up and engages at low RPM..
    Like a brief ignition cut..

  3. sounds like one of the coils is grounding

  4. Have you recently washed it? It might be a damp plug cap?

  5. I washed it yesterday, and then it began today.
    I’ll check the caps

  6. And never use a pressure washer

  7. Well I can understand that but those of us that live in an Apartment don’t have much other choice but to go to the local do it your self car wash. Like in this picture. Just need to be careful.

    • Yup I have used them in the past. Not to sound like a sales guy but you may want to look at a product called topcoat f11. Tried it and am now a fan. Wash the bike with plain water now and a quick wipe with this stuff and I am done. Bugs wipe right off to. Not cheap but shortens time cleaning and gives more riding time the pic is after a 2 week road trip Washed with water only

  8. Not the same as you describe but, I am having a little issue sometimes after a relative long trip when the engine is hot. Then the engine can run a little unevenly, like jittering (if that is the right word?). Have ordered new spark plugs and will see if that helps. The VN2000 would have been better with double spark plugs like the VN1500/1600. Guess there were no space for a second plug

  9. I use a garden hose with a nozzle on it. But I was a little more thorough this time than usual, so I think that’s the problem.

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