How to Check Motorcycle Engine Oil


Hello, I need help, how can I check engine oil my Vulcan VN2000.

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  1. Run the engine for 20-30 seconds. Let it settle for 5 minutes. Unscrew the dipstick and clean it. Screw it back in. Stand the Bike upright. Put back on side stand. Unscrew dipstick. Hey presto!!

  2. ok if is not enough then u add some oil you nead to do seam presager all again

    • You don’t need to run the engine again. That’s only a precaution if the Bikes been stood for a few days. It’s a dry sump engine and the transmission is effectively the oil tank. Over time the oil drops into the sump and you’ll get a false low reading, put in about a litre of oil then have it pissing from the oil breather the next time you ride it!!

    • yes I’m a afraid over fill or run on low oil

  3. That’s why you should run the engine until the oil is warm, so best until the ventilator of the air cooler starts. At that point the oil will always need the same space, because it will have the same temperature anytime you do it independently of the environmental temperature. But only in idle, don’t pull the throttle. It will need 10 – 15 minutes to warm up. Then leave it for 3-5 minutes before you measure. You should fill up to nearly maximum then.

  4. Kawasaki says run for 5-10 min to get up to temp then sit for 5min and check with the bike level. And don’t rev the engine.

  5. That’s the way I’ve done it since I got the bike with no problems. It’s the only way I’ve been able to get a consistent read on the dipstick.

  6. getting the bike upright and level is the hard part.. I use a 6×6 block on one side under the frame and a 2×4 under the kick stand.. gets it very close to level.. or id you have one a bike jack that lifts on the frame.. just enough to balance the bike level..

  7. I found the easy and correct way For myself. I changed oil, ran the bike around the block. the next morning i pulled the dip stick out,stuck a long screwdriver into the oil about a quarter inch deep, marked screwdriver at oil , and mark screwdriver at the top of case. wipe it off and keep it in the saddle bag.

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