V-Strom DL650 WEE Replacement Key?


Replacement key!? Bought a used 2015 wee. Had one ignition key. Attempted 3 times to have a copy key made with no success. Would pop the seat but not start bike. Ideas? Or where to buy replacement factory leys?

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  1. Keys are electronically coded too the bike .

  2. An actual locksmith.

  3. They tested the key, said had no chip in it?

  4. Bought key blank online, had ACE hardware copy it.

  5. If you have the little tag that came with it then you should be able to go to the dealer. Vin might work also. A true locksmith can do it but will have to do it by hand. I have had a couple made for my bike.

  6. I have had 3 keys made for my 16\nNo problems and no chip

  7. Ace hardware tried 3 times… didnt wanna pay for a factory cut if i didnt have too

  8. Mines the same and has a chip in it your local dealer should be able to code it to your ecu for you .mine took less then half hour to do 😄

  9. Did you get the security transponder as well ??

  10. I got that key, and the keys for boxes. Thats all

  11. I had the same issue. The shoulders of the key need to be cut back a bit more so that the key will fully engage the ignition.

  12. Ive heard that as well!!! Thats why I posted. I was told by many the usa bikes dont have a chip.. but i have no idea

  13. No chip on my 12. Good luck.

  14. I was told when I took delivery of my new Wee that ONLY Suzuki dealer can get new key, AND you have to quote the key code # which is given with the bike from new.

  15. Does it turn in the ignition barrel? If yes the key is working fine. All the key does is turn a switch. If it cranks but doesn’t start on the new key but it does on the old key you definitely have an immobiliser fitted. Look into how to code a new key.

  16. Is there a red led above the ignition barrel ?

  17. I’m just curious, you bought a bike that you couldn’t start and test ride?

  18. Had a same but different issue. Son lost the only key. Brought the bike to a locksmith who was able to make a new key right from the ignition. the gas cap and seat use the same key but fewer of the notches matter. this was for a K05.

  19. You can use key x241 but file sides down

  20. That’s what you need. I had made 3 keys for 2 2012 and 1 2014 wee. Bought the blank from eBay, ACE used to cut customer blank, not anymore-corporate policy. Just go to local locksmith they will do it for a dollar, than use file or grinder and cut the sides of the head until the key inserts fully in to ignition

  21. You’ll have to get it from a Suzuki dealer. I went through that with my 2012

  22. Must be something with the newer bikes. I bought blanks for my ’07 & ’08 off Amazon for like $5-6/ea.

  23. Blank part number is SUZ18, $4 on eBay. Works ok with 2012 and 2014 Wee.

  24. Here is key blank my guy uses for my 2016 in USA I have had 3 made and all work fine( no chip)

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