Throttle settings experience KTM 690


Ladies and gentlemen… I would like to know what throttle settings you set up your 690 to?
1) Soft
2) Advance
3) Standard

Thank you. Ride safe! 🙂

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  1. None of the above professional dyno tune by Nels Byersdorf

  2. On the 0-9 i just keep mine on the 9th setting. I also have my too case and saddle bags on. So i dont need a snappy throttle.

  3. Just felt that power is same with all settings, just that throttle more or less only…

  4. Yeah, thats all it does it pretty much how snappy your throttle is there was a thread i was reading a while back and it just makes either more or less resistance in the throttle wire. At least thats how the guy explained it.

  5. Advanced only. The right wrist controls everything from that point.

  6. Evo 1 flash #3 standard

  7. 4. Ludicrous speed\n5. Plaid\n\nUsually 5.

  8. I have the switch on my bars.. soft for off-road , and fast for on.

  9. All the switch does is change the throttle curve. You still have full power at full throttle

  10. I have the dual switch on my handlebar. Advance for street and dry off road, and soft for mud, rocks, slippery roots on that damn hill on trail88 near Tellico Plains TN. that kicked my butt a couple of years ago. You know the one Jim Hillburn

  11. I set my 2013 machine to Standard. The fuel map is enriched slightly on the low end. I do wish there was a switch to access all the positions including the poor fuel setting. There wasn’t such a switch when I last looked back in 2013.\nIt would be interesting to see 1/4 mile results between all three or better yet dyno runs throughout the rev range at all settings.

  12. Joe the trail Tech switch does 3 positions they call it wild mild and stock however stock puts it in the poor gas condition while wild is fast and mild is

  13. Thanks Dave. I don’t see why KTM hasn’t duplicated the stock switch remotely.

  14. Do not forget the hectic oil change for EXCs… but I do change my 690 oil every 3-5k though, only thing is it’s weight. Other than that, 690 is an all rounder…

  15. I like mine twitchy.

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