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Time to change the battery in my z force. Having a hard time finding much online. Anyone ever crossed one before and it fit right? Not partial to brands as the factory lasted me 3 years.

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  1. Probably want to take a look at the front wheel while you’re stopped.

  2. Lol it’s my cfmoto hating buddies polaris

  3. I got mine from advanced auto

  4. Chromebatteries

  5. I replaced my stock one with a interstate no issues in two years

  6. Yuasa. If you can get one that you fill and charge yourself.

  7. Pretty much any time you hear someone say that a reputable make of battery ‘is junk’ because it didn’t last long, it turns out the battery was prepared for service improperly. This includes batteries in new vehicles as preparing the battery is part of the dealer’s uncrating and assembly and they often give the job to some untrained kid who thinks he knows it all. He squirts in the electrolyte and then promptly slaps it onto a charger and thereby ruins the battery. AGM batteries have been out long enough you’d think their activation needs would be known by now, but apparently not. And if some parts man says, ‘Come back in an hour and it’ll be ready’ run away. In that hour he’ll cook that battery.The best thing is to be sure they sell you the battery in a sealed box that doughhead has not touched. Then activate it yourself. Then you know it was done right. Upend the electrolyte bottle pack, punch it down and let it drizzle in at its own speed. Then leave it alone for at least an hour, the electrolyte needs time to seep into the matte. Then charge it with a smart charger at no more than 2 amps, not a dumb old car charger. Eight to ten hours. Then you have a good AGM battery. ­čÖé

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