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Has anyone put a supermoto setup on there two stroke ? I want to put one on my 300 to cruise around town at low speeds 35mph back roads. How does the 300 do on the road ?

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  1. If you’re just gonna do 35 leave it as is.

  2. Vibration is aweful. Maintaining a steady speed on a 2t is hard. No need for a sumo setup unless you want to drag pegs.

  3. Oky men U put it

  4. Can u say “VIBRATION”?

  5. I’m young it doesn’t both me. Plus I have the stabilizer wit brp mounts

  6. Supermoto is a waste of a good dirt bike. Just the same I wouldn’t want knobbies on street bike.

  7. Built a 150sx for cart tracks. It’s a blast. Not street legal though, can’t comment on cruising around.

  8. If the bike is a XC it would be easier and less expensive to put the 5th gear from a XC-W into the bike. There were some selling the gear kit to make the conversion into a 6 speed on KTMTalk and IRC it was about $1k in parts (probably more now).

  9. I’ve played with the idea of putting my sumo wheels from my 450 on my 300. It’d be fun… i think.

  10. I sumo converted and raced my 07 250xc. It worked real well. 16.5\

  11. Dude, you don’t go supermoto to cruise at 35.

  12. That sounds like FUN ride !

  13. If you’re just doing 35 around town, don’t worry about the brakes. The 300 obviously has plenty of power, but you’ll need to change your gearing. I’m 14-45 now, may go down further in the back. The AC power on mine was awful for a taillight, it dimmed too much at a stop to be safe. I converted to DC. I assume you have estart, guessing you would have more power available than I did. I run the OEM Behr wheels, 3.5F, 4.25R with cush drive. No rubbing in the rear and easy to mount. The front fork guards will need clearanced or install the old model open back ones. It gets awful gas milage. The vibration sucks, and it’s mainly in the pegs IMO.

  14. I have watched a guy on a knobbied dirt bike spank on a bunch of supermotos and sport bikes. Skill over stuff.

  15. I would’nt bother,vibration’s,no engine braking,wont sit at a steady speed.I done about 50 miles stick with the dirt tyres and wheelie everywhere.But if you really want to waste your money i have a nice set for sale

  16. I put around 10,000 street miles on my 04 300 exc in sumo trim. My only real complaints would be the vibration in the foot pegs, and the 5 speed close ratio trans. The vibration was not that noticeable unless standing.(not that big of a deal while sitting, but when I would stand up to stretch my legs it was so bad that I could only stand for very short periods of time.) In the handlebars the vibration was less noticeable than on my 450 and 525 exc’s. The bike would max out on the street with a 18\

  17. Steven Michael im currently doing up a 1996 300 exc. Im just going to get a second set of rims so it takes 5 minutes to change from dirt to road. Especially if you aren’t going far on the road.

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