Ceramic Hybrid Bearings


Ceramic hybrid bearings, go get them!

Greg Proudfoot:

There is much less friction with these bearings. As we all learned in science class in grade school, the less friction generated, the less energy lost as heat. Not only that but they are also much more durable as steel and ceramic are not malleable together. Beyond both those two benefits that are already worth the price difference, starting the bike with the e start will also be less stressful on the starter. It’s a good investment, especially if you’re racing or planning on keeping your bike for along time

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  1. That’s mighty cool, but $$$$–is it worth it?

  2. What’s the price difference?

  3. In the other post, Greg said $250 for this pair of mains. \n\nSO what do I gain for an extra $150?

  4. OUCH! No thank you

  5. Well worth the money

  6. What are you thinking they will gain you ? Once full of lube I would imagine the difference in friction is very slight

  7. Would be different if these spun 50000 rpm

  8. Seeing as though I’ve never had to put a main bearing in a bike in 45 years of riding…

  9. We use them in street drag racing wheels. Noticeable difference when free rolling the wheel

  10. Regardless of what kind of bearings what you just did is so dangerous

  11. Aren’t ceramic bearings susceptible to breaking with hard impacts? If thats the case it doesn’t seem like a good idea to put them in as wheel bearings.

  12. There we go, some explaining what they do. Thank you.

  13. They are good for turbochargers. I would not waste my money on them in anything else.

  14. Never spin bearings with compressed air. Shop class 101, 1975.

  15. Whatever gains were achieved by paying price of ceramic was likely lost by spooling that bearing up to 20k no load/dry rpm. Just sayin.

  16. I had a shop teacher in school missing a front tooth from spinning a bearing with air.

  17. They may offer a tiny less friction but one would never notice the difference in an engine! After all the power consumed to spin those bearings is so minute one would never feel the difference!. Im all for it if they last longer and are more reliable just dont expect a performance gain from a ceramic roller bearing! Also one can spin a plain roller bearing to infinity with lack of oil/grease. It is horrible to do to a bearing i woukd throw that one away!

  18. Did you have them make just the one side for the crank or did they make the other side of the crank Greg Proudfoot?

  19. My shop teacher, Jim Merkle (motorcycle mechanics 1982) told me not to do that!

  20. That’s a great way to ruin ur new bearing.

  21. Still waiting for a company to make ceramic hybrid roller bearings…

  22. Ceramic bearings are beneficial for high rpm tasks but have also been found to potentially create bigger problems if the bearing were to fail. As the ceramic doesn’t break down into slivers or shavings it practically explodes thus causing more damage to the neighbouring equipment. Btw I have no favour to ceramic or plain steel just pointing out findings.

  23. Most ceramic bearing failures are due poor installation or using cheap ceramic bearings from China. You need to use bearings with Cerbec Ceramic balls.

  24. Az Perushe, do you still have the data from your dyno runs with different bearings still?

  25. One has to wounder why ceramic mains or wheel or.tranny bearing are.not std equipment if they are the are the cure for everything the ales a bike …

  26. Same reason they do not put titanium bolts on motorcycles. Cost

  27. How many years a set of bearings have been used is irrelevant. Hell I know someone that’s had a set going for 4 years, but prob not 30 hours, Jon cough cough. Hours of use would probably be more appropriate for that reference. They’re bearings, not cheese. They don’t expire…

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