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Just wanted to give a quick mention/review about my new Mobius x8 braces that I just purchased. I purchased the extra large and the “yellow X tendon brace” was too large. I left a message on Saturday to the Mobius contact number and here we are on Monday 9:00am and they actually returned my call. He told me they’d be happy to adjust it for me if I sent it in or he can just send me instructions on how to modify the brace myself. Just wanted to say that their customer service is AMAZING. The overall feel of the brace is great and it looks badass too. I highly recommend them. Hope I never have to use them in a crash lol but if I do I’ll let y’all know how they hold up ?

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  1. The Mobius guys are GTG service wise. I had the same issue and they sorted it out with different thickness pads etc. I like my braces but nothing is as perfect as you’d like. Foot slipped off the peg and I twisted my foot. No crash or anything but a severed ACL, torn MCL, and impact fractures on the tibia were the result. The punishment did not match the crime. 🙁

  2. Great! I just ordered a set Saturday from RMATVMC. Did you measure your thigh for fitment?

  3. Have the grey/red ones. Great braces. Sadly, I got to test them in an incident a couple months back. Front wheel deflected on a rock up a hill at moderate speed, bike went left, reflexively tried to save it by putting my left foot down, only my foot was almost at 90deg to the bike. Without the brace, I would have hyperextended my left knee to the left thus ripping the MCL (the inside ligament of the left knee). Instead, the brace prevented any sort of hyperextension, resulting in a vertical hit up the leg, compressing the knee and likely (I say likely cause I never bothered getting an MRI) causing a small tear in the meniscus. Knee swelled up and orthopedic pull blood/fluid out of it. I stopped riding for two months and took it easy with stairs etc, and the knee is 95% back to normal now.\nHighly recommend these braces!

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