Tracer 700 to 900


I’ve just moved from the tracer 700 to the 900 so looking for tips on mods etc first impressions it’s a cracking machine & im only 270 miles in

Richard Daniel 5 years 3 Answers 886 views 0

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  1. Just watch this group for a few days and you’ll have plenty to spend further money on. 🙂 You’ll not regret the upgrade – the Tracer is awesome!

  2. Welcome and enjoy the Tracer! this is my girlfriends one and she has a full system Akrapovic/Yamaha licenseplateholder/led blinkers/R&G levers/Fehlig engine guard ( don’t know the english name for it )

  3. Tracer is an awesome bike, you can mod it as much as you want, rad guard and screens etc but I’d ride the hell out of it first!! Had mine just over a year and love every ride out!!! It’s easy and relaxed at slow speeds and rips your guts out when you give it some!!!

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