Best battery for 2005 Kawasaki Vulcan


Ok guys, I got a 2005 v2k. Battery is starting to go bad, what’s the best battery out there to replace it with??

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  1. The YTX20CH-BS is a direct replacement and what me and a buddy with another 2000 use. Im on my 4th year trouble free and he is on his 3rd year. We both use battery Tenders in the off months.

  2. I chose Interstate. The most important thing is it stays on a battery tender when the bike’s not ridden. I’ve ruined a couple batteries by letting them sit through winter.

  3. Thanx guys. I keep mine on a tender all the time. I’ve had this battery for 6 years so I think I got lucky. Just seeing if there was something better out there that you guys have been using.
    Also if I’m having battery problems will my FI light come on then go away when the bike starts?? Or do I have another problem to work on??

  4. When I replaced mine a year ago I just got my battery from my Kaw dealer.

    • Yah I was going to but those guys over price everything.

    • Mine was $81.95. I didn’t think that was to bad. And if one has an warranty issue with the battery for some reason then you don’t have all the on line email BS and shipping costs to deal with. I buy everything I possibly can from local businesses I can walk into. That way if one has an issue for some reason it is much easier to get it taken care of. When your there face to face with someone they can’t just ignore you as easily as they do emails and phone calls.

  5. Take the battery to your local O’Rielly. They will match it. They have replacements, for a fraction of what the dealer charges. Usually better ones as well.

  6. I bought mine with a battery tender lithium battery it is about half the size so it comes with spacers but it really cranks the bike. Started right up at 40 degrees with cold sriving wind this afternoon no problem. Can’t speak for longevity only been on the bike 2 years as far as I can tell.

  7. I have a gel battery in mine since a few years. I didn’t recharge it or remove it for whatever reason. Put it in and forget it.

  8. I know on my old Vulcan 750 and 900 everybody on the related forums suggested an AGM battery. Would this be a good choice for the 2000 as well?

  9. Yes it’s gel more stable from motorcycle vibrations.

  10. and get a tender. The voltages of these bikes are very precise.

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