What do you do with your battery in winter?


Hello guys, What do you do with your battery in winter? Thank you.

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  1. I ride mine like I stole it? ?

  2. lol I should have seen this coming from those in southerly climes.

    • Delaware is considered to be in the South but we still get cold and snow. Ride to a field and have a blast ? My first fall was during a winter storm, state closed all the roads even but where was I? Yup.. out riding the streets and fields ?

  3. We have 2 inches of snow on the ground here in MN, I already tested my D607’s in the ice up near keystone CO. Not fun!!!

  4. Yeah, get some proper studs..

  5. Iowa boy here. Battery tenders. Nothing else. Shop is insulated and heated, so never dips lower than 50. No need to take it out and store it inside, they store better in the cold.

  6. I go riding…the rare times I get the time to do so.

  7. Ride your bike. Winter’s the best. I do single track fat biking on beautiful groomed parks in mpls, mn.

  8. The WRR has a 350 watt alternator and can power Gerbing heated jacket and gloves. Plug in and ride !

  9. But if you can’t ride, I would not be too worried. I’ve kept mine on and sometimes the bike has been sitting in -20c for a month and still started just fine. I know this is something people love to argue about

  10. Just start it once a week or so. Ride when possible.

  11. If we have a mild winter, I try to ride it once a week… if we get a lot of snow…. I take the battery out. and put it in my basement. Ive never had any trouble.

  12. I usually let the bike do the charging 😀

  13. 3 winters in NYC and never used a battery tender. Just start her up every now and then and take a spin! Best way to wake up on those brisk February mornings!

  14. I have that battery tender. It works well for me.

  15. Since i’ve got a few batteries to keep up on (eastern IA , lows in the single digits ) I will pull the batteries and put them in basement w/ a trickle charger and me or the wife change which one is charging every few days.

  16. In Southern California fall and winter are when you’re bike is used the most if its not plated ?

  17. Yeah, I just ride.

  18. Try to move south so you ride can everyday?

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